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No. sentence
1 We should parent children with both love and discipline.
2 Or a bit of both?
3 And, in the twisted logic of Pyongyang poker, they were both ACES.
4 Tom's hit brought in both base runners.
5 I clasped his hand tight in both of mine.
6 Just like line coverage, if there are two branches in a particular method and both were covered through tests, then you could say the method has 100% branch coverage.
7 course I wish both of you well.
8 You cannot have both together.
9 Even so, it's not the best of both worlds, as some people comment, enviously.
10 Both plans have been tried, but without success.
11 It may turn out, however, that some differences both between and within groups are quite marked.
12 The researchers hypothesize that crows learn to recognize threatening humans from both parents and others in their flock.
13 Each has both advantages and disadvantages.
14 The director and I walked out, both of us crying.
15 Basically, it refers to an infrastructure where both the data storage and the data processing happen outside of the mobile device.
16 We both buy one another presents but when it comes to what we do, where we go or where we eat, we take turns.
17 Those things, which ye have both learned, and received, and heard, and seen in me, do: and the God of peace shall be with you.
18 In this, you could use both products as the solution.
19 So you need to uncover and meet the respective expectations that you both have... If you do this, your marriage will grow stronger.
20 In one scan, both phones were switched off.
21 I hope they both do well in their next matches but I'm not making any predictions," he said.
22 Both have valid matches in the other table.
23 Also, each probe into the inner input of both NLJOIN operations matches only one record.
24 explosive mixture in a rocket consists of both a fuel and a supply of oxygen.
25 However, from what I gather, "hybrid" rocket engines use both solid and liquid or gas propellants.
26 sister edition was not entirely faithful to the original today. Both featured the same picture - of a missile destroyer - but struck different notes with their headlines.
27 The Doha negotiations, which have stuttered repeatedly since their launch in 2001, appeared to gain some momentum this year when both India and the US signalled more enthusiasm for the talks.
28 likely answer is a little of both, but the question highlights how difficult it can be to have a perspective on what’s big and what’s small.
29 This discussion highlights both a strength and a problem with this book.
30 They can display a tabular view of the data alongside the chart, and clicking data points in either the table or chart highlights them in both, allowing for easy cross-identification of data.