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1 It also encourages holders of Italian debt to sell bonds rather than insure them with policies that may not pay out.
2 But what if they stopped buying bonds not out of choice but because they were out of money?
3 Bonds didn't recognize him, and Sampras, shyly, didn't introduce himself.
4 There are many outstanding 3 months bills as well as 30 year bonds, but only one specific one will be picked to be reflected on the yield curve.
5 The third quirk of credit derivatives is that they allow corporate bonds tobe sliced and diced on the basis of risk.
6 all of the countries were attracting large inflows of foreign capital, largely because markets believed that membership in the euro zone made Greek, Portuguese and Spanish bonds safe investments.
7 Over the past year the clearing house asked for more margin on Portuguese and Irish bonds after their prices fell sharply.
8 That would be enough to restore it to profitability if there were no further write-downs on its holdings of Greek government bonds.
9 But these new neurons helped to form long-term memories and bonds, as the mouse fathers easily recognized their offspring by smell even after they had been separated for a long period of time.
10 Observers question whether the market can continue to generate such returns and wonder if investors are paying too dearly for corporate bonds that still have risks.
11 But investors should be wary of assuming the best case and scooping up the bonds of these companies, despite their double-digit yields.
12 In the closing months of 2010, we saw yields on municipal bonds rise to their highest levels since early 2009.
13 All that hedge funds, and other speculative investors, needed to do was to buy bonds on yields greater than their cost of finance.
14 partly by stepping up the sale of bonds, which can be legally traded for dollars, but it helped that political tension subsided somewhat after the referendum.
15 Changing the Angle and length of the bonds between germanium atoms also changed the energies required to kick their electrons into the conduction band.
16 We divested ourselves of all stocks and bonds.
17 If you agree with my estimates, then you should do this as an investor, you should hold only some mixture of this tangency portfolio, which is 9% oil, 27% stocks, and 64% bonds.
18 If they suffer losses in one country, they may sell stocks and bonds in other markets to raise cash.
19 When compared with savings investments (like bonds or bank certificates of deposit) stocks have the potential to earn more money — but they also carry the risk of loss.
20 Baboons most often form close bonds with relatives, the researchers said, and the stability of those connections is partly a matter of luck since lions and leopards often prey upon baboons.
21 only at this point -once we take those future benefits for granted -that the bonds of trust between the players began to form.
22 So, for companies that could pay you back, but their bonds are trading below par, probably because they have a low coupon.
23 For the buyer - since the bonds are specifically created for and marketed to diaspora members - a 4 percent return would be much better than a typical bank savings account or cash hoard.
24 Most people do not borrow to buy shares and bonds, and if they do, the degree of leverage usually hovers around half the value of the investment.
25 So at times of trouble they will retreat from risky assets such as hedge funds and into cash and government bonds.
26 The bank syndicate charged with placing the bonds said it had drummed up euro25 billion-worth of orders in a matter of hours from investors attracted by an interest rate of 6.2%.
27 People who live in the densest social networks tend to flourish, while people who live with few social bonds are much more prone to depression and suicide.
28 Their new bonds are well subscribed and transactions in the secondary market are active, while liquidity is ample," it said.
29 The rumour struck at the notion, cherished by some holders of Greek bonds, that there is untapped demand in Asia for the riskier sorts of euro paper.
30 consequence of this, the valuation of assets such as bonds and equities should come under pressure.