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No. sentence
1 Gray hair, a face with deep furrow on brow and cheeks and around the mouth, and a heavy body.
2 story ended with the man sitting on a mountain of pearls, knife in hand, weeping helplessly into the cup with his beloved wife's slain body in his arms.
3 We knew it was difficult to recover a body because any corpse left in the wild will be eaten but we thought we could learn the name of the man" Musole said.
4 But, touching your medicine, kind Sir, in my present frame of body, I need it not.
5 Other new measures permit intrusive body searches, including the touching of breasts and groins, which were previously off limits.
6 Near me was another body - Bob Ward, I knew him quite well.
7 His cadres would kill him, and burn the body; he would squeeze himself into a submarine; he would bite on the cyanide capsule that hung on a black string round his neck.
8 Hundreds of people filed past the body of the dead leader, to pay their last respects.
9 He put another blanket on her body.
10 From previous studies, it's known that SP causes inflammation and is used by the brain's neurons to help send white blood cells to injured areas of the body.
11 Self Tan” lotions contain the chemicals that cause skin to darken. The idea is that you rub these chemicals all over your body and, after a few hours, you look like you just stepped off the beach.
12 Photographer Mitsuaki Iwago used a low angle and the body of the Maasai tribesman to add drama to this photograph.
13 you do when you realize the larger body you inhabit has gotten off track?
14 Indians call it "playing colors" a jubilant scrum of horseplay and body painting.
15 His body quavered a little when he saw the teacher coming towards him.
16 his huge body, he overbore his opponent under him dead.
17 Her weakened body cannot be easily vitalized.
18 As student body President, she was also a member of the UNC-Chapel Hill Board of Trustees.
19 If not, the body of this tag will display on the page.
20 an Internet newsgroup devoted to urban legends like the one about Walt Disney's body being cryogenically frozen after his death.
21 Yoga seeks to bring harmony across all levels of our existence, from the body, breath, mind, spirit, etc., and unite them in harmony.
22 So they grab him,a big riot ensues, and they take Paul before the Sanhedrin, the big sort of Jerusalem kind of senate type body, and they put him on trial.
23 Independent institutions are needed to make the system work. Most would prefer the unelected European Commission over an intergovernmental body dominated by Merkozy.
24 The others barely glanced at it and went back to their shovels, almost enthusiastically, searching for the French Woman, but I went up to the body and forced myself to look at it closely.
25 One of those emotions which are superior to man, which make him forget even to defend himself, seized upon the insurgents, and they approached the body with respectful awe.
26 They bustled her out of the room before she could see the body.
27 is not stated, however, is whether these isoflavones are contained in a form in soy that is usable by the human body.
28 Understand that most roads slope so there tends to be over pronating on one side of the body. I definitely have noticed this.
29 felt myself sucked out by a superhuman force. There were several explosions. I felt a big shudder, like an electric shock, run through my body.
30 Now take the main body part and place it head down on the table and lift up the back and place the arms in the middle like so: (a stone is holding down the top part).