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1 Animal foods, on the other hand, take stronger stomach acid to break them down and they stay in our bodies much longer, so they are better eaten with vegetables or alone.
2 The Mesozoic rapid tectonic subsidence and wedge shaped sedimentary bodies indicate the origin of lithospheric flexure in the Chuxiong Basin.
3 Near these he and the slave Abdalla dug a trench, long and wide enough to hold the bodies of the robbers; and as the earth was light, they were not long in doing it.
4 Imagination bodies forth the forms of things unknown.
5 The Bellevue morgue was overrun with bodies and a makeshift morgue was set up on the adjoining pier on the East River.
6 Tigers are poached for their skins and parts of their bodies are prized for decoration and traditional medicine.
7 Firefighters spent hours dousing the rubble with water to cool it down so they could search for bodies and survivors.
8 Just because someone likes looking at naked bodies exchanging bodily fluids does not make him a pervert, disrespectful, an infidel, disinterested in his lover or dissatisfied with his lover.
9 the warehouse, under a still smoldering roof, we saw the charred remains of dozens of bodies.
10 They twirled and tumbled and soared, their lean, lithe bodies slicing the air like tiny blades.
11 Under a draft bill, politicians and civil servants would be barred from holding jobs in companies involved in public bodies or seeking business with them.
12 As physical beings, we require nourishment, exercise, rest, and all the other things that it takes to keep our bodies functioning properly.
13 the information in DNA, ribosomes make proteins to do a range of vital jobs, from making skin and bone, to building immune systems and transporting oxygen around our bodies.
14 Our bodies need some meat, chicken and fish.
15 She said investigators would be able to tell whether there was an explosion from possible residue on the bodies or other items.
16 We wear clothes to keep our bodies warm.
17 Dozens of bodies wrapped in white cotton sheets lay on the pavement outside the club as fire crews moved in.
18 Its also encompasses control and enjoyment of our own bodies free from torture, mutilation and violence of any sort.
19 This led to development organizations with bodies of expertise in these areas.
20 Before they ate the apple, Adam and Eve did not know that they were naked. But after they ate the apple, they were ashamed and covered their bodies with leaves.
21 Just like a friendship that grows and evolves, keeping in touch with our bodies takes time.
22 These huge presses mould the car bodies.
23 Mr Kurzweil's forecasts for machine super-intelligence and post-biological bodies, these predictions raise hackles in the scientific establishment.
24 Unlike in the pagan Greek cosmos, there could be no divine bodies in the Christian cosmos.
25 Many were injured and there were still a lot of dead bodies rotting in the open air.
26 Completely welded car bodies are being ran to spray booths; they are being flatted and painted over here.
27 We have similar molecules in our bodies.
28 The default is displayed in Figure 3; it gives you the ability to fold subelements, edit both bodies and attributes, and differentiate node types.
29 Their bodies, when they kissed, produced a scent thick and sour like spoiled pudding, which mingled with the vinegar smell of the dye.
30 The sharp, abrasive nature of the particles suggested they could have damaged the bodies of aircraft and the Windows - reducing visibility.