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1 Not only are states coming aboard one at a time, but some are joining in groups, as in the West and Northeast, where regional greenhouse-gas trading blocs are being launched.
2 Chinese astronauts walk on the moon, the world has splintered into currency blocs after an international exchange rate shock, and even robots have the vote.
3 Ariel, the fourth-largest settlement in the West Bank, is considered by most Israelis as one of the "settlement blocs" that will be annexed to Israel in a peace deal.
4 Imagine that the five blocs instead rank the cities as in SET b.
5 Frequently used to sort countries into blocs and to write working papers and draft resolutions.
6 There is also an umbilical cord that connects the inflationary atmospheres of these two blocs.
7 especially so in the case of USA and former USSR which happened to be the two most powerful world economic blocs.
8 All articles and photos to the Chinese attack all military blocs. Reproduced in all its forms is strictly prohibited!
9 study illustrates the development gap between the two blocs by establishing how many years earlier the current set of EU indicators was attained in the us.
10 Work War I was fought from 1914 to 1918 primarily between two European Power blocs: “the Central power”. Germany and Austria-Hungary, and the “Allies”, Britain, France and Russia.
11 And there is a 19th century view that we are destined to vie for spheres of influence, and that great powers must forge competing blocs to balance one another.
12 These blocs, because of their thick strength, have getting stronger and stronger national and international impact.
13 Trade blocs are often used to advance protectionism rather than as enablers," he said, according to Xinhua.
14 Territoriality Either the organization and exercise of power, legitimate or otherwise, over blocs of space or the organization of people and things into discrete areas through the use of boundaries.
15 Three blocs rank it near the bottom; two think it's worst of all.
16 The trade flow effects of trade blocs include not only trade creation and trade diversion in the traditional theoretical analysis, but also the members' export to the non-member countries.
17 Word War I was fought from 1914 to 1918 primarily between two European Power blocs: ―the Central power‖. Germany and Austria-Hungary, and the ―Allies‖, Britain, France and Russia.
18 Work War I was fought from 1914 to 1918 primarily between two European Power blocs: "the Central power". Germany and Austria-Hungary, and the "Allies", Britain, France and Russia.
19 The reasons causing the current situation are as follows: the legislative lag of company ACTS, the lack of self-discipline, and over-reliance on private blocs in social life.
20 The administrative ability of the government had been weakened by the warlord blocs.
21 Regional Economic Blocs become a global trend of present world economy.
22 Individual governments and international political and economic blocs have held nearly non-stop meetings and consultations to stem the downturn with a variety of bailout and stimulus packages.
23 Yes, it is vital that the richer countries and trading blocs open their doors to imports from the developing world; without such access, talk of aid and development is just empty rhetoric.
24 Different blocs of countries want the international community to commit to limiting the global average temperature rise since pre-industrial times to 2c or 1.5c, though a few are demanding 1c.
25 's increasingly clear that Europe is developing into two economic blocs with diverging destinies.
26 was not exactly what a first-time visitor expected to find in a Central European town of steel factories and Soviet-era apartment blocs.
27 For others, like France and Luxembourg, which regard the euro as the bloc's greatest creation, defending the currency's stability is an end worth paying for.
28 European Union leaders picked the low-key prime minister of Belgium and a British trade representative who has never held elective office as the bloc's first President and foreign minister.
29 The UK is trying to remove aviation from the bloc's target on renewable fuels.
30 In Europe, economists nod approvingly when the euro group waives fines on Spain - which, despite years of growth, still runs deficits way higher than the bloc's rules allow.