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blest in a sentence

1. blest is the bridegroom;

2. Pius Felix meaning "Pious and Blest";

3. my death be blest in his.

4. Come, Holy Ghost, Creator blest;

5. may his soul rest with the blest.

6. It is twice blest.

7. It is twice blest.

8. Blest Gana was of Irish and Basque descent.

9. Alberto Blest Gana died, aged 90, in Paris.

10. They are called Isles of the Blest."

11. Blest gave good educations to their children.

12. Guillermo Blest Gana, poet and author;

13. Upon the place beneath: it is twice blest;

14. Blest may refer to:

15. Blest John, for Jesus' sake, in Patmos bound.

16. With all their country's wishes blest."

17. It was described by Blest &

18. It was described by Blest &

19. It was described by Blest &

20. It was described by Blest &

21. It was described by Blest &

22. life in His blest Hand.

23. God meant it unto good"--O blest assurance

24. How often have I blest the coming day.

25. oh! When on the blest, reviving.

26. And it is blest fire of god.

27. Washed by the rivers, blest by SUNS of home.

28. Blest if I know, 'said Jerry.

29. Blest if I know that either, 'said Jerry.

30. Everyone's New Year is blest.