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No. sentence
1 pilling and fuzzing characteristics of textile fabrics. chemical fiber, blended, knitting, woven fabrics.
2 eat: Blended with yogurt or chocolate soy milk and sprinkled with crushed almonds.
3 The turtle's shell blended into the mud, making it almost invisible.
4 music of the violin blended sweetly with her voice.
5 Fast-food companies are also adding midday and late-night snacks, such as blended drinks and wraps.
6 Getting 30% of calories from green vegetables is probably unrealistic for most people, even with the use of blended salads and juices.
7 down with fresh papaya or mango blended with shaved ice, milk and a little syrup.
8 Lastly, pour the blended concoction onto the fruit plate and garnish.
9 For the filling, in the previously used bowl, combine all the ingredients except the chocolate chips and nuts. Mix on medium-low speed until well blended.
10 small bowl, stir remaining ingredients with fork or wire whisk until blended. Pour into pie plate.
11 The tubes are filled with oil blended with a propietary dye.
12 The unloaded ore is blended and stockpiled in a vast yard enclosed by fine-mesh screens to stop the dust from blowing towards the nearby city of Vitória.
13 taste of a truffle is often compared to garlic blended with an earthiness or pungent mushroomy flavor.
14 The rumble of cars and trucks, though, washed into a high distant sound that blended with the rustle of the wind through the leaves.
15 cars in Brazil run on pure gasoline anymore. The government requires that all vehicles run on blended fuel of about one-quarter ethanol.
16 In Shanghai's tea houses, old items like old-fashioned telephone and kerosene burners will wrap you in an atmosphere of modem blended with the classic.
17 The gecko, perched on a branch, has blended itself into its surroundings so well that its coil-shaped body is hard to spot amid the foliage.
18 Wearing an all-black outfit, the 39-year-old blended in with the other shoppers as she pushed her two-year-old daughter in a bright yellow pram.
19 Looking at the amazing graphics in the Lindisfarne Gospel you can see elements from all of these traditions blended so skillfully they all fit peacefully together.
20 was the imagination of poets and ancient historians that blended all these elements together to produce one of the World Wonders.
21 In the days after Jackson's death, music critics stumbled over one another to praise him for the way he blended black music and white as well as for the rigor of his stage performances.
22 Such blended loans, with revenues helping to offset interest payments, are in place in Tunisia and Egypt.
23 The revised third edition, as its title implies, addresses online and blended learning Settings as well.
24 fines, but with the carrot of subsidies, these require that a certain amount of renewable fuel be blended into petroleum-based fuels over the next decade or so.
25 When oil paint replaced tempera in the fifteenth century, it helped painters to deal with difficult subjects like the human figure because, unlike tempera, oil can be blended and overpainted.
26 Consider the challenges a blended family may pose for your child - and what you can do to overcome these hurdles as you build a new life together.
27 fats such as lard, margarine and butter are not good as they are high in saturated fats, as are many blended vegetable oils which contain coconut or palm oil.
28 If a project can employ global resources (see resource staffing) using a blended cost rate, this can have a significant impact on the cost.
29 can also be found blended into the fuel used by public and commercial vehicles and by trains in a number of countries.
30 Some firms provide upfront estimates, whereas otherscharge a “blended fee” based on a combination of hours worked and a fixed fee.