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black bloc in a sentence

31. However, as of 2012, Zerzan began publishing articles in the Fifth Estate again on subjects as varied as the Black Bloc, the sea, and the Luddites.

32. A black bloc of 2,000 people built barricades, set cars alight and attacked the police during a mass demonstration in Rostock.

33. This occurred in the midst of mass rioting which had been set off by militant anarchists, some of them in a black bloc formation.

34. The solution to Ehrenreich's impasse was the growing acceptance of black bloc tactics in the anti-globalization movement.

35. On the day of President Donald Trump's inauguration, black bloc groups were present among other protests in Washington, D.C. and other places.

36. Despite the denunciations by media, police, and even some activists, the black bloc tactic persisted in the movement.

37. A group of about 400 black bloc demonstrators took part in the 2011 London anti-cuts protest where they targeted various high end retail outlets;

38. According to veteran activist Harsha Walia, it was other participants in the black bloc who identified and exposed the undercover police.

39. Tactics of a black bloc primarily include vandalism of private property, rioting, and demonstrating without a permit.

40. This collective also called for Black Bloc actions to entail reserve groups, who could be called into a clash by these elected officers.

41. According to veteran activist Harsha Walia, it was other participants in the black bloc who identified and exposed the undercover police.

42. The protests also included a black bloc and a group from the Italian Ya Basta movement, and led to the shutting down of the summit.

43. The group primarily consisted of participants in the black bloc, but also contained "drummers, radical cheerleaders, and belly dancers".

44. Robinson identifies the black bloc tactic, in which anarchists cover their faces and wear black clothing, as a component of security culture.

45. Organizers spoke of up to 80,000 participants (10.000 Black Bloc), while police put the figure at an estimated 25,000.

46. Expo 2015's opening on May 1 was met with protests by a black bloc of anti-austerity activists, with police using tear gas.

47. The black bloc separated just before the main march entered the Pentagon's north parking lot, and attempted to march closer to the Pentagon.

48. The group consisted of a mix of people, including students, community activists, as well as anarchists dressed for a black bloc.

49. A black bloc and other rioters smashed hundreds of car and shop windows, several private cars, and numerous trash containers and dumpsters.

50. During the 2012 May Day protests in Seattle, masked individuals identified as "black bloc" members vandalized a federal courthouse.

51. A group of protesters was also "kettled" for several hours through the night after black bloc protesters were believed to be in the crowd.

52. The media would describe the break-off as led by the black bloc, with demonstrators covering their bodies and faces in black clothes.

53. Individuals using the same black bloc tactics have been suspected of being responsible for confrontations in other international summit protests.

54. police later claimed that they had found weapons at the scene, and that they suspected the presence of more black bloc protesters within the crowd.

55. Black Bloc active support section of their home ground Parramatta Stadium, as part of a larger capacity and facility upgrade in 2014.

56. The demonstration was dominated and led by a large black bloc and was closely monitored and accompanied by the police.

57. Some even dress up in black bloc, others recorded video condemning the police on the streets... and defending the "political prisoners".

58. The massive boost anarchism received from the summit protest movement was in part due to the high visibility of black bloc style tactics."

59. These connotations endure contemporaneously through the popular media's association of black bloc property destruction with the movement.

60. Another showed Molotov cocktails thrown in the Wan Chai area by black bloc who appeared to have distinctive markers of police operatives.