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black bloc in a sentence

1. Μilitant black bloc protest groups are known for clashing with the police.

2. In this regard, Black Mask anticipated and may have indirectly influenced the black bloc tactic.

3. This included a black bloc of 3,000 people.

4. On 1 May 2018, over 1,200 black bloc took part in demonstrations in Paris, France.

5. A black bloc protested the opening of the universal exposition Expo 2015 in Milan.

6. Black bloc elements were present during some of the protests.

7. By late morning, the black bloc had swelled to 200 people and smashed dozens of shops and police cars.

8. Some protesters tried to physically obstruct the activities of the black bloc;

9. They have been referred to as helping originate the Black Bloc.

10. In the red zone, a march began, made up in large part by the "black bloc".

11. Running openly against the "black bloc" vote, Wallace slurred Brewer and his family.

12. American anarchists increasingly became noticeable at protests, especially through a tactic known as the black bloc.

13. In addition to more mainstream demonstrators, a large black bloc had gathered.

14. The Black Bloc made a good showing here as well, congregating near the center of the circle.

15. Other protesters, marching as a black bloc, attacked and looted several military recruitment centers.

16. There he meets Seven, one of the young leaders of a masked anarchist Black Bloc.

17. The black bloc had a two to three hour sit-in, and after that took a vote and decided to return to Washington.

18. The riot broke out when a Black Bloc demonstration in support of Ungdomshuset was blocked by the police.

19. In 2004, the group organized a black bloc in Pittsburgh to protest a visit by President George W. Bush.

20. In 2014, he plays the black bloc journalist, Lucrécia, in the political miniseries Plano Alto.

21. The People's Alliance was sometimes called by its opponents the "Black Bloc" or the "Black Blood Bloc".

22. however, they blamed black bloc anarchists and agents provocateurs.

23. in March 2003, a splinter group of black bloc rushed motorcycle police on the Steel Bridge.

24. The main supporters' group for the club is the "Red and Black Bloc" (RBB).

25. He was one of the most prominent personalities of the Black Bloc in Wad Madani.

26. The Black Bloc emerged in 1948.

27. The Black Bloc faced resistance from other Sudanese political parties, who labelled it as a 'racist' organisation.

28. Wanderers fans call themselves the "Red and Black Bloc" (RBB) – a reference to the club colours (red and black).

29. In addition, protesters adopted black bloc tactics to protect their identities.

30. An officer dressed as a black bloc protester was found inside Sheung Shui station which was closed at the time.