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No. sentence
1 after birth the baby and its mother bond.
2 age of a person is usually reckoned from his or her date of birth.
3 I hear that in the past the Maasai regarded family planning as offensive, especially when it meant reducing family size and practising birth control.
4 to fool a bank is your birth date and us social security number, or just discarded credit card offer junk mail taken from your bin.
5 a Filipina secretly gave birth on an airliner last month and dumped the infant in a rubbish bin, the country’s powerful Catholic bishops rightly led an outcry of condemnation.
6 problematic because it is unfair: life's chances should not be pre-ordained at birth.
7 Extra birth weight might not be the only change many of these infants face.
8 gap between these countries' borrowing costs and Germany's became wider than at any time since the birth of the single currency.
9 But he badly needed the money: his wife had just given birth (also to a daughter), and his nerves were on edge.
10 Repent your sins, shave your head, cover your amply loins with sackcloth, sit at the temple gate and beg or drawn yourself in sarayu after praying for a cleaner life at least in the next birth. . .
11 Even at this smaller mass, however, many astronomers would still classify it as a low mass star rather than a planet, since the circumstances of birth for stars and planets differ.
12 This is not a theoretical point; it is at the heart of a dispute about poker’s future in America, the country of its birth and its largest single market.
13 These animals have been suffering from birth, really.
14 During his time there, he raised a Wolf cub from birth, as does his hero Chen, and learned of the disturbing ritual of the "Wolf burial", when a dead body is given to the wolves to eat.
15 One bear's temperature did not drop much during early hibernation — until she gave birth to a cub.
16 Research has shown female pandas who are pregnant with twins deliver the second cub anytime between 12 minutes and 12 hours after giving birth to the first, according to the zoo's Web site.
17 Bai Yun gave birth to a cub in 1999 after she was artificially inseminated. Her offspring, Hua Mei, is the first U.S.-born panda to survive into adolescence.
18 She was born in bondage and with a dark skin and most of her early maturity was passed in a dark and tragic time for the land of her birth.
19 Congenital heart disease occurs when the heart is malformed before birth, and is the most common of all birth defects.
20 He was a Jew by birth, instinct, emotion and devotion; he was a Catholic by conversion and conviction.
21 For the majority of women who have given birth - and most of the men who have watched them - these "sensations" are a euphemism for pain.
22 Germination is complicated with the bursting forth of a meteor and with the peck of a swallow cracking its egg, and it places on one level the birth of an earthworm and the advent of Socrates.
23 people built a new theatre to commemorate the birth of Cao Yu.
24 Most poets who write nativity poems are interested in the miracle of the virgin birth, emphasizing the virgin Mary and the tender mother-son relationship between Mary and Jesus.
25 If Mr Aquino really is serious about facing down the outraged bishops on birth control, he will need all his loyal friends.
26 birth there are no symptoms of the disorder so it was only when Morgan failed to develop properly that his parents realised there was something wrong.
27 However, what science told us back in 1984 was that human females certainly could never have a natural virgin birth, because of a genetic barrier in mammals called imprinting.
28 People may experience the phenomenon after recovering from injury or may have it from birth.
29 with the birth of Jesus, God shows he is with us.
30 But he had no union with her until she gave birth to a son. And he gave him the name Jesus.