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biceps in a sentence

1. Two muscles lie underneath the biceps brachii.

2. Biceps and triceps.

3. The biceps works across three joints.

4. This also assists the biceps brachii.

5. Biceps may also refer to:

6. reach – 73"; biceps – 17.5";

7. Their names are tattooed on his upper biceps.

8. Coupled with a pair of firm biceps."

9. That and he has awesomely massive biceps."

10. The artery runs medial to the biceps tendon.

11. the double biceps, crab, and lat spread.

12. Biceps femoris.

13. Mickey sports a large tattoo on his right biceps;

14. They have biceps and new "older" looks.

15. The primary muscle is the biceps femoris.

16. He has particularly strong biceps and teeth.

17. the Biceps Brachii flex the elbow joint.

18. biceps 17.5 inches;

19. He was deadlifting and he tore his biceps.

20. It is sometimes called the biceps tubercle.

21. For the biceps, the results were similar.

22. her mother's name on her biceps muscle;

23. "breathe deep" on her other biceps;

24. and the cut is taken from biceps femoris.

25. Archosolva biceps Grimaldi.

26. He had a 26-inch biceps.

27. Either triceps, biceps, legs, back or chest.

28. Tammy: You can do biceps, absolutely.

29. He showed off his bulging biceps.

30. I'm doing biceps and back today.