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betray in a sentence

1. I can't betray him, so I got out.

2. This tutor decided to betray the town.

3. stab (in the back) /betray".

4. he refused to betray his old patronne.

5. let him betray himself in his fictions."

6. The pirates also betray them.

7. Race does not betray race.

8. He does not betray Cabot.

9. Even the weather can betray the player;

10. However he refuses to betray him.

11. But Amarsh denies to betray his owners.

12. She chooses not to betray Mr. Yee.

13. She later would go on to betray Ultron.

14. Tomorrow, I will betray.

15. He does not want to betray her.

16. swear allegiance and never betray him.

17. God betray those who betrayed him.

18. She later would go on to betray Ultron.

19. They never betray each other.

20. Papillon did not betray Dega.

21. So Oscar was forced to betray them.

22. but Carlos can't betray Leonor (Nos.

23. When Men Betray refers to:

24. Their betray disorganized the party.

25. She would not betray his secrets to me.

26. I began to betray her.

27. friend betray you?

28. But your slanting eyes betray you.

29. friend does not betray confidences.

30. Kratos: Why? Why would you betray me?