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No. sentence
1 Last Supper, one of the most famous and valuable paintings in the world, depicts the meal shortly before Christ's death when he announced to his disciples that one of them would betray him.
2 's no excuse for this, there's really no reason why a person should betray their love's trust like that, but people do.
3 Their betray disorganized the party.
4 Two events this month betray the double standards with which Japanese officialdom treats China's rich and poor.
5 The Gospel is one of redemption for Christianity's greatest villain. It relates that Judas was the chosen disciple and a tragic hero selected by Jesus to betray him.
6 Only they will not abandon me, only they will not betray.
7 she disgusted that he would so soon betray Anna?
8 Hope of another life one must "deserve" or trickery of those who live not for life itself but for some great idea that will transcend it, refine it, give it a meaning, and betray it.
9 She would not betray his secrets to me.
10 Madison concurred pointing to cases in which a President might betray his trust to foreign powers.
11 And I didn't know what to answer, how to betray, confess, parry.
12 The zigzag pattern means her hair does not even betray the scars - leaving no clue she had the condition at all.
13 While they often worry about what is going in Baghdad, many Kurds also worry that their foreign sponsors may betray them, as they have several times in the past century.
14 I began to betray her.
15 You are getting people to do an unnatural act – to betray their country.
16 I didn't betray my king to another for gold or power.
17 Tuvalu, in speaking against the accord, likened the financing offered to the "30 pieces of silver" Judas Iscariot received to betray Jesus.
18 Never to say cry for any hurt due to any betray.
19 Time has left many scars on his body; thousands of wrinkles betray his age.
20 His captors wanted him to betray his fellow students, to implicate them in various crimes and to say on television that the blood on that T-shirt was only red paint.
21 The pontiff says it is difficult for him to understand how priests could betray their mission to children.
22 Psychologists have known for years that when people betray their values, they feel a need to compensate.
23 a sustained period of time you are always going to betray yourself.
24 governments are supposedly close allies, yet betray each other with monotonous regularity.
25 Any dares who love to betray the soul, all have the power to change the world.
26 It is better to fade away than to betray our roles as the liberators of information by becoming jailers instead.
27 I've had a lot of people betray me and I find it hard to trust people, friends as well.
28 friend betray you?
29 Ekman has also identified 'micro-expressions' as very brief flashes that betray inner feelings, such as when the corners of the mouth momentarily turn down in showing disgust.
30 Women over 40 couldn't care less if you're attracted to her friends because she knows her friends won't betray her.