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bestowal in a sentence

1. This is defined as bestowal, or giving, which is the intention of altruism.

2. It allows the bestowal of the title "Senior Counsel" on solicitors.

3. Metropolitan Hilarion called the bestowal of title a "farce".

4. Bestowal of the Cross of Liberty was terminated on 19 June 1925.

5. The hand of the figure is outstretched in bestowal of the spirit of liberty.

6. The following list is ordered according to the year of bestowal:

7. Coat of Arms Bestowal: unknown;

8. Clark University followed with a similar bestowal in 1984.

9. The bestowal takes place on 18 January, the anniversary of Zuckmayer's death.

10. The giving of dreams is called the bestowal.

11. The wing is entitled to the honors won by the group by temporary bestowal.

12. A recent book (2006) was on Albert Einstein's bestowal of the Nobel prize.

13. Social rank was likely bolstered through bestowal of gifts.

14. The following list is ordered according to the year of bestowal:

15. This bestowal had no legal ground in Belgium.

16. It is called the Bestowal or Birth of Flowers.

17. The bestowal of the Medal recognized Pena's actions on the evening of Sept.

18. the Jurchen chiefs accepted the bestowal of titles by the Ming;

19. The bestowal is the inseparable part of the trips.

20. Numerous tamra-patra (copper-plates) corroborate the bestowal of grants.

21. So that on this question of appraisal and bestowal.

22. Do you want to pursue bestowal and appraisal further?

23. I mean, does bestowal not come into playing a lot more than appraisal?

24. years of ineffectual service count big in the bestowal of rewards.

25. years of ineffectual service counts big in the bestowal of rewards.

26. He thought bestowal could be reduced to appraisal.

27. We've talked about Vannoy on bestowal and appraisal.

28. The second part analyses the nature of the bestowal contract.

29. the bestowal and self - confidence, we become stronger and more courageous.

30. Heavens Best Bestowal to me to meet you in the journey of life.