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No. sentence
1 Even in the context of the bizarre, twisted fairy tale of Michael Jackson's life, the time he spent living in a converted cowshed in rural Ireland shortly before he died takes some believing.
2 I have watched proud young Americans take their last breath, still believing they were right and just in the actions leading to an untimely, yet honorable death.
3 Only at festivals with no Wi-Fi signals can the gullible be tricked into believing that David Hasselhoff has passed away.
4 Faith is about believing in someone or something.
5 They will argue that Mr Thaksin has hoodwinked the world into believing that his red-shirt rabble is poor and oppressed.
6 The government tries to gull the taxpayers into believing that their money is being properly spent.
7 Once the 'true believing' process is in place, you can pour in any content with similarly destructive results.
8 By really believing in the creative powers of the other person, you mirror their own strength back to them through your eyes and words.
9 Her conceit deluded her into believing she was important.
10 They brainwashed the captured pilot into believing he was a CIA agent.
11 You go on believing that.
12 This study shows that understanding something is believing it.
13 The people of that frontier state were once famous for not believing everything people told them.
14 Even if at first you do not believe them, the more positive messages you give yourself, the more likely you are to start believing them.
15 Self doubt has been something I've struggled with all my life, from debating whether I could get into a top tier university to believing I could succeed as a writer.
16 I think she was trying to fool us both into believing it.
17 we know exactly what is put forth as reasons for believing that thing, which are the premises.
18 I need you to keep believing.
19 They could scare you into saying just about anything, maybe scare me, I should say, but actually believing it is a much more difficult proposition.
20 So we're justified in believing in germs, but not demons.
21 Looking you straight in the eye does not mean the person is telling the truth. Experienced liars often do this deliberately, playing on people believing the myth.
22 Financial markets have an interesting feature that has undone many a trading strategy: once everyone starts believing something, it often stops being true.
23 configured SSL for their customers and believing them to be secure, the vendor had overlooked the fact that SSL does not restrict which channel the client can use.
24 the first time in my memory, the majority of the American people join me in believing that, on our current course, our children will not do as well as we have.
25 She went to London to be trained in fitting, believing there were probably a lot of women like her.
26 never known anyone who actually believed that I was enough until I met you, and then you made me believing too.
27 Goldman and Morgan Stanley have abandoned their Indian joint ventures because regulations have eased, believing they can do better on their own there.
28 important thing is that a set of sentences is only an argument if you're putting one forward as true and your putting others as reasons for believing the one.
29 To challenge her rule, Profion must have the scepter, and tricks the Council of Mages into believing Savina is unfit to hold it.
30 They say it is time to elect a women President, believing such a victory will serve as a role model for the next generation.