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No. sentence
1 We all believe the story to be true.
2 If you believe what you read in the newspaper about us, we have one foot in the pail of bankruptcy and the other foot on a banana peel, and there's a high wind.
3 I still believe that the central question for the BBC is: 'can you maintain eye contact and ear contact with the British public'?" he writes.
4 In The Grapes of Wrath you feel (correctly I believe) that Steinbeck was a core participant.
5 Not because he would suddenly have ceased to believe in his mission-he was too enlightened to be a skeptic-but because death for others is harder to bear than one's own death.
6 I firmly believe that just like for tethering it's operators who don't want to hear about podcasts.
7 I believe all conferences should be banned as part of the new austerity.
8 Can you believe these lovely miniature food are not to be eaten?
9 But we believe that mass production will lower the cost, as with personal computers, mobile phones, and regular automobiles.
10 No problem for me. I believe I can do anything for you.
11 I believe he once worked for you.
12 Many people believe that chickens peck the ground to search for the magic needle.
13 I believe that most readers will identify with the author.
14 If we reinforce the traffic security education and more people comply with traffic regulations, I believe one day traffic accidents can be avoided.
15 So what or whom should one believe?
16 They make us believe that they are safe perhaps because they are so expensive, or because this or that celebrity happens to appear on their advertisement.
17 And at that point, I believe before the NATO summit, we will be making those requests.
18 When our children feel we believe in them, they grow to believe in themselves.
19 In one, jubilant opposition supporters believe they are finally witnessing the end of Colonel Gaddafi.
20 LIM: Jin Yuzhang doesn't believe that his ancestor's death changed the course of Chinese history.
21 Anyone bullish on Treasurys has to believe that true fiscal conservatism will have a revival in Washington, where it always has struggled to find adherents.
22 I believe on my good friend.
23 I believe testers have the opportunity to contribute broadly to the project in each of the RUP phases.
24 You will not believe the wonderful feeling of accomplishment as you cross all the items on your list!
25 High temperatures in the core lead some to believe that the core is uncovered; others do not trust the temperature readings.
26 If big institutions believe this threat is real, then they must take the FDIC's authority seriously and accept a reasonable offer for acquisition.
27 After USENET got going the term stuck meaning something false - do not download (or believe) this.
28 But what if you're a technical resource and believe that your marketing contact should be the primary company contact?
29 They don't like the political and policy implications of climate change, so they've decided not to believe in it - and they'll grab any argument, no matter how disreputable, that feeds their denial.
30 At one extreme, we believe people should have the tools to 'broadcast' information across the Web and make it available to everyone.