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No. sentence
1 Belief in magic still exists.
2 We have persevered because of a belief we share with the Iraqi people -a belief that out of the ashes of war, a new beginning could be born in this cradle of civilization.
3 The belief is that if the couple survives this torture, they will not only have abundant fertility, but that none of their children will die.
4 The chairman premised his speech on the belief that the rich want to help the poor.
5 It was that insistence, that belief that God resides in each of us, from the high to the low, in the oppressor and the oppressed, that convinced him that people and systems could change.
6 The first belief often leads to anxiety, depression, shame, and guilt.
7 I held the belief that we would fall on our feet.
8 No one can escape the problem of evil in its two fold form, wickedness and suffering, and certainly our belief will be shallow and unstable unless we face it.
9 The first rung is an unjustified belief; this is simply dogma.
10 The final rung is that of a justified true belief.
11 Depictions of Akhenaten with a bizarre feminine physique were due to the belief that god represented by the pharaoh was androgynous.
12 When her son later succumbed to postoperative complications, the woman's belief in the veracity of her dreams was more than confirmed.
13 If I am tethered to my belief, tied to my family, tied to a conclusion, the brain is limited, it functions in a very narrow, limited way.
14 At that time we had had nearly a decade of the well-intentioned but quite wrong belief that peace was all that mattered.
15 Combined with the American belief that anyone can make it, evidence that some people are moving up suggests that if I am not doing well, it is my fault.
16 We believe that these core principles are rooted in the belief that cloud computing should be as open as all other IT technologies.
17 Core belief - because without this foundation there is nothing to build your balance upon.
18 They begin to ignore warning signals, pushing prices to unsustainable levels in the belief that stocks will remain strong for decades to come.
19 Some of the experts writing in the issue endorse Dr. Kurzweil's belief that conscious, intelligent beings can be created, but most think it will take more than a few decades.
20 In the times of the emperors, the formality within the Forbidden City was rigid beyond belief.
21 It is responsible for everything we do," he says, "every belief, intention and action."
22 feats accomplished by the strongest men and women are almost beyond belief.
23 The belief is that this creates a state of 'artificial hibernation' that slows the body and blood supply, which gives doctors more time to deal with burst or blocked blood vessels.
24 But a big part of this, I suggest, is the healthy belief that beauty, talent and intelligence should be their own reward that doing a good job should be satisfaction in itself.
25 This belief was upheld by scientific studies of short-lived creatures ranging from rats to fruit flies.
26 He holds right this belief.
27 It's hard to escape the impression that Republicans have taken Mr. Obama's measure - that they're calling his bluff in the belief that he can be counted on to fold.
28 But even so the nostrils, proudly set even when the eyes blinked and the mouth pursed and wavered, maintained an extraordinary belief in the wisdom of the President and the rightness of his cause.
29 As long as there is friction in our relationships and a sense of incompleteness or dissatisfaction in our hearts, we need to remain open to examining our selves and our inner belief systems.
30 The research, outlined in the latest issue of the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, strengthens the belief that snakes evolved from a lizard that either burrowed on land or swam in the ocean.