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No. sentence
1 These ideas have been forming in my mind.
2 The boy has been ailing for several months.
3 the Gentiles, who are not natural branches of the olive tree, have been grafted in their place.
4 new camps, with sentences typically under two years, have been grafted on to a system of longer-term penitentiaries.
5 In the end numerous, mostly unrelated, items have been grafted on, from higher federal deposit-insurance limits to a tax exemption for wooden children's arrows.
6 But there have been short of systemic research on relationship between the tolerance to chilling of eggplant and grafted eggplant.
7 Details of the procedure for detection of artificial ripening of fruits have also been distributed to state authorities.
8 He breezed through the song as though had been singing it for years.
9 New arts have been born in the course of the history of man.
10 If we had listened to them, this hydropower station would never have been built.
11 But he seems to have been given no advance notice of the visit.
12 A farmer surnamed Wang, who thought up the unique idea, said most of his \ \ \ \ \ \ \ "milk watermelons \ \ \ \ \ \ \" have been booked in advance.
13 Also this application for tethering has been banned.
14 Neurological examination and neurophysiological testing confirmed the presence of thoracic myelopathy, which may have been due to the wire tethering the thoracic spinal cord to the dorsal dura.
15 Those rooms have been assigned to us.
16 Those boys have been flinging stones at passing cars.
17 We tried to see who had been hurt, but the police told us to move on.
18 In some environments, the use of utilities like RSH have been banned because of the potential security exposure.
19 Both plans have been tried, but without success.
20 The data packed into the black boxes of our phones and web browsers reveal things about us, trails of where we have been and what we have desired.
21 It was a problem he had been mulling for a long time.
22 problem has been completely solved.
23 We've been getting calls from around the country," about antenna issues, Carpenter says.
24 I have been there once.
25 This whole area has been farmed out, and no crops will grow there now.
26 The workers have been lazing the whole morning.
27 Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom.
28 Had these been leaves of trees they would have duly dropped off.
29 So many children who commit violent crimes have themselves been brutalized by years of abuse and neglect.
30 They had been dueling for hours and finally called a draw.