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No. sentence
1 This is the biggest hospital in the locality. It has 700 beds.
2 To use the Parasite Farm, indoor gardeners can slide the grow beds into a shelf space, attach the grow light above it, lay down a bed of starter soil and sew their seeds of choice.
3 As winter approaches, some animals make warm beds in tree trunks, stumps, caves, and under the ground.
4 Please make your beds after breakfast.
5 As the hours ticked by and the streets of London began to fill with crowds of well-wishers, many of whom had slept out on camp beds, both men's sense of apprehension grew.
6 Some of the villagers told me that scouts turned their houses upside down searching under beds and sleeping MATS for weapons and in the rafters for dried meat.
7 the only oyster-eaters that might be at risk from oil-tainted food: Many of the oysters for human consumption in the United States come from beds along the Gulf Coast.
8 Not all melanomas can be prevented, but limiting exposure to strong sunlight and other sources of UV light like tanning beds can significantly reduce the risk of getting this very deadly cancer.
9 However, UV rays also damage the skin and cause cancer, and tanning beds give off three times more UV than the sun, making them both potentially dangerous and addictive.
10 That includes teens misusing tanning beds, but still.
11 left at peace on our beds as long as the summer moon shone, but the moment a blast of winter returns, you must run for shelter!
12 wireless monitor on patient beds searches for the message-if it's absent, the badge vibrates, reminding the wearer to sanitize his hands.
13 The villagers acted quickly: they set up temporary homes along the embankment, with two upright string beds for walls and a third thrown atop them like a roof.
14 I clambered aboard and, after a brief confusion over seating assignments, settled with my three cabinmates into a tight little space with twin bunk beds along both walls and a table in the middle.
15 The hospital has three hundred beds.
16 But there is evidence that the Red Planet had a warmer and wetter past: dried-up river beds, polar ice caps, volcanoes and minerals that form in the presence of water have all been found.
17 I would hike between huts if they came with beds, flush toilets and food, but where's that going to happen?
18 The expansive campus – complete with apartments, hospital, school, mall, KFC, and a Hyatt hotel, all built around a natural lake and dotted with saplings and flower beds – is meant to impress.
19 Every review looks at service, design, dining, cleanliness, nearby nightlife, and even the thread count of the sheets on the beds.
20 It still has dingy corridors, ancient washrooms, rusting bunk beds (six to a room), a single fluorescent bulb hanging from the ceiling and an ancient radiator in front of the window.
21 Yiu of the Jockey Club says he has received requests to save items such as the bunk beds in the prison cells and worn carpeting on office floors.
22 My cabin had a king-sized bed in one room and bunk beds in the other, along with a small kitchen, a shower and a personal sauna.
23 a meal (chicken curry and rice) and a short sleep in bunk beds at the Seto-kan hut, we woke at 11.30pm to continue. By now the path was full of people doing the non-stop night trek.
24 what if at at night, when they are sleeping in their beds, they hear a man walking abroad long before sunrise?
25 sleeping on a mattress of ice is less chilly than you might think, since the beds are covered with reindeer hides and guests are kitted out with super-warm sleeping bags.
26 Boungoudou dealt with the sudden deluge by stacking three beds on top of each other and perching her children on top.
27 knows the essentials of home decor such as beds, tables, and wall units for the TV, but there are some neat home decor accessories that are just plain fun!
28 The coils are uniquely designed and are great for side-sleepers because they are "individual pocketed" rather than all connected together like on most beds.
29 After this, feeling very tired, she thought she would lie down and rest on one of the beds, but she found it difficult to choose one to suit her.
30 Some colleges provide beds that can be lofted on their own.