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No. sentence
1 The boy was always late because it took so long to get dressed.
2 Because I just bit my tongue.
3 But I am lucky because we did get a little bit of the tsunami but nothing like what they got up north.
4 They bumped her off because she knew too much.
5 I was terrified and couldn't eat properly because I thought the meat on sale was human flesh.
6 SSL can have some performance impacts because every piece of data sent to and from the server must be decrypted.
7 He moved very slowly because he suffered from rheumatism.
8 I like it because it's nice and sweet.
9 This is because we attribute wealth to how much nice stuff we can buy.
10 It must be pretty potent stuff because when he pulled the cork out, his eyes crossed and he grinned from ear to ear.
11 Sometimes a voice whispers in my ear that we can carry it with us everywhere because it amounts to nothing.
12 Because it sounds more violent, more like murder. A matter of ear.
13 He was a broken branch grafted onto a different family tree, adopted, not because his parents opted for a different destiny.
14 If you have multiple lists sharing the same sublist, it looks like a tree graphically, but because the lists only go in a straight sequence, you cannot access the other branches from any other branch.
15 This is because we need similar skills and knowledge to support that product on each "code branch" — that is, that development activity related to each product version.
16 Because it gets my focus off myself and onto God so I can talk to Him and not at Him.
17 He doesn't like guests, especially journalists, leaves his hut only once a month and avoids people but the villagers still like him because he sells them grapes and other fruits at a rather low price.
18 Not only because they generally have shopping with them for the market, but because they are often on the heavy side.
19 These sorts of issues are very hard to test for because they generally only occur when an application is under heavy load.
20 Not because he would suddenly have ceased to believe in his mission-he was too enlightened to be a skeptic-but because death for others is harder to bear than one's own death.
21 Because the process of paring down is really the process of asking yourself, "What's important?"
22 No wonder, he would have hurt himself and also his father because he was not mature enough to play with the knife.
23 is paint-smeared because he cleans his palette knife on the walls.
24 But when they came there because of you and they expect to learn from you, you must impart that vision to them.
25 I could not say all I wished because of the interruptions.
26 He undid his belt because it was too tight.
27 I did it because they asked me to do it!
28 You need not flare up merely because I mentioned your work.
29 It taste better because we expect it to taste better.
30 In some environments, the use of utilities like RSH have been banned because of the potential security exposure.