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No. sentence
1 The great mystery of the incarnation is that God became human in Jesus so that all human flesh could be clothed with divine life.
2 As the sun went down the whole sky became suffused with a red glow.
3 Gray worked for him in the early months of his campaign for some time, then became disillusioned, freaked out and joined another party.
4 Given technology that would allow them to record-not to be recorded-the Maasai became totally immersed in telling their stories.
5 The public was at first ambivalent; but the more the president campaigned, the less popular the idea became, until the Republicans ran for cover, and reform died.
6 He again became key to a Bayern revival, winning four more league titles, another UEFA Cup and two German Cups.
7 He became convinced ofthis through his studies of the salamander protein Prod 1, which servesas a road map for cell regrowth in salamanders and newts (SN: 11/3/07, p. 276).
8 fans booed when it became clear that their football team would lose again.
9 Starting the “contrast gallery ” in hongkong in 1992, she slowly became a central person in the development of the Chinese Art.
10 He became rude to everyone in the castle and behaved like a mad man.
11 from Peru, the potato became the fuel for the rise of Europe.
12 In a very short time I became like one of the family.
13 She became a film star as early as 1942.
14 In the Ming Dynasty about 500 years ago, it became such a holy food that emperors would offer it to their officials during festivals.
15 Barbecue allowed an abundance of food to be cooked at once and quickly became the go-to menu item for large gatherings like church festivals and neighborhood picnics.
16 Notably, I became more interested in the book as I read about the Eastern philosophy.
17 Adrian Goubic, the Linden Center's director of operations, says if Dali became a World Heritage site, it 'would bring in the money that could be used for proper preservation.'
18 As society broke down, the police became warlords.
19 It became a province of Canada in 1905.
20 What would you do if your wallet became harder to open as your spending approached or exceeded your budget?
21 What would you do if your wallet became harder to open as your spending approached or exceeded your budget? Would you think twice about where your money was going?
22 The railway carriage became so hot that air misted the Windows.
23 One of Scott's high school friend's who became ordained online performed the ceremony.
24 Controversy also brewed over Reverend Samuel Parris, who became Salem Village's first ordained minister in 1689, and was disliked because of his rigid ways and greedy nature.
25 He became confused and agitated, waving his gun at us.
26 cellular clocks fully reset and reverting to an embryonic state, cells in the salamanders' stumps became slightly less mature versions of the cells they'd been before.
27 The transistor became the basis of a new invention called the "computer" which I suspect those of you reading this may be familiar with.
28 But it was, ironically, not until the invention of the laser in 1960 that understanding the quantum nature of optics became crucial.
29 Pearl immediately twined it around her neck and waist, with such happy skill, that, once seen there, it became a part of her, and it was difficult to imagine her without it.
30 In the northwest section of the park, new geysers were found, and many existing hot springs became turbid.[46] It was the most powerful earthquake to hit the region in recorded history.