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1 Design Basis Accidents, we went over some of them.
2 I think we forget this because security is the basis for us being able to experience all those other wonderful things.
3 We do not differentiate between our workers on the basis of their background or ethnic origin.
4 That said, Katla does seem to erupt on a semi-regular basis, with typical periods between eruptions of between 30 and 80 years.
5 Customers tell us that one of their biggest challenges is the management of the overall build process and the ability to allow developers and testers to check-in code on a continuous basis.
6 According to the real situation of the production of a factory of Qujing Prefecture, where the use the best Scientific production plan made on basis of linear programming.
7 This spa resort project is the core project and market incision point of Kylin spa Town of Qujing to found the market and brand basis for later large-scale development.
8 Communication is something we all engage in on a daily basis but due to the pace of our lives conversations become just formalities.
9 The transistor became the basis of a new invention called the "computer" which I suspect those of you reading this may be familiar with.
10 It may not be in the general design criteria but it becomes part of your operating license or design basis because you now have to implement these things based on your reactors.
11 My theory is established on the solid basis of facts.
12 I can't explain such a statement by him on the basis of logic. He must have blown his top.
13 He thought that God was agape. For him that was the basis of Christianity. But eros he thought of the matter what St.Augustine said is selfish.
14 Upon completing the article (or tour) you should have a complete understanding of both the conceptual basis of each authorization framework and its underlying mechanisms.
15 Crawling by its very nature is a gathering and scanning activity designed to be performed on an infrequent basis so that the target system is not overly impacted by the activity.
16 Shipments of capital goods fell 1.5% on a core basis, which excludes aircraft and defense spending, while orders tumbled 8%.
17 On Wall Street dealing desks, profits and losses are evaluated every afternoon when trading ends, and the firms' positions are "marked to market" -valued on the basis of the closing prices.
18 During this first preparatory phase, I have been listening and learning, gathering the information and views I need as a basis for decisions.
19 Because Jesus used the cup during the Last Supper in what became the basis for the Christian Eucharist, the Grail has for many taken on the aura of an extremely holy relic.
20 So not only do we get the recipe for Thomas Keller's Lamb Saddle With Caramelized Fennel, we meet Keith Martin of Pennsylvania's Elysian Fields Farm, who “talks with his lambs on a regular basis.
21 Others dream of using them as the basis of a novel communication system that would allow messages to be transmitted to the other side of the world without wires, cables or satellites.
22 Central to its policy are the individual transferable quotas given to each fishing boat for each species on the basis of her average catch of that fish over a three-year period.
23 The third quirk of credit derivatives is that they allow corporate bonds tobe sliced and diced on the basis of risk.
24 We have illustrated how the architecture of the enterprise provides the basis for its evolution by programs.
25 has also shed light on the genetic basis of the synthesis of oil, flavonoids, antioxidants, hormones, pigments and aromas.
26 This document, the Provisions of Westminster, formed the basis of English common law for the next several centuries.
27 Through careful control and configuration, various parts of the infrastructure can be removed from the production environment on a planned or unplanned basis.
28 But investing largely on the basis of GDP is not without its risks.
29 Do you think that they meant allowing anyone to use their brand in any way they chose on a share and share alike basis?
30 It describes only how children grow in a particular region and time, but does not provide a sound basis for evaluation against international standards and norms.