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1 This makes sense, as the bottom protocols provide very basic services such as transmission of signals over network cables.
2 Signals from the retina flow to the most basic processing area first; the cells in that area fire up others in the next area; and so on.
3 If you can divide all of your topics into basic concepts, tasks, or references, then you are set; but what happens if you want to migrate into another specialized DTD?
4 Regulate neurotic of after balance appear mess, the basic metabolism descends, the metabolism cans not develop smoothly, either.
5 In Yunnan, on the set of her new movie “Wu Xia,” she welcomes me and a handful of her colleagues into her trailer, a basic tin hut with few of the trappings associated with a modern movie star.
6 Chuxiong news combined with Chuxiong state human resources and Social Security Bureau of Chuxiong urban and rural residents basic medical insurance Interim Measures authoritative interpretation.
7 They are more like chaotic city-centres-with basic planning, like the water supply, an afterthought.
8 One night during C4, someone inadvertently helped me see this when he described to me the nature of his work: "Coding the basic functionality is the easy part."
9 It is structured and ordered into a few basic regime types. In this I take it to be one of the most important propositions and? Insights of political science. Right? So far?
10 The chart was hung in classrooms throughout the country, and millions of children memorized the basic food groups.
11 The government agreed to peg down the retail price of certain basic food stuffs.
12 It does not fully resolve our concerns, but it gives us a set of basic principles on which to move forward.
13 Perhaps the way that we and our fellow critters appear at the most basic, elemental level -- maybe how we look when stripped to the bone -- says more about us than we like to admit.
14 What I have demonstrated here is just one basic example of using JFS2 snapshot technology.
15 This manipulation includes getting a certain file input stream from the document package, updating, inserting, or deleting a file stream, and other basic operations.
16 See How to create effective taxonomy for some of the basic concepts needed to create an information taxonomy.
17 Although most web pages can be drawn using only these basic primitives, parts of or SVG would need to be implemented separately, either using a different graphics library, or our own custom code.
18 She said that although there are far more materials to choose from than ever before, the basic methods she used to restore "the Actor" were decades old.
19 We think that the principles and purposes of the UN Charter should be the basic norms for us to handle international affairs.
20 One dedicated exhibit will explore the roots of civilisation, and the basic notions underpinning the study of human history and society.
21 Using this basic framework you can perform more complex lookups and decoding that do not rely on the automated solutions provided by tcpdump or snoop.
22 Everyone in IT should be able to fire up wireshark, netmon, snoop, or some basic network capturing tool.
23 We have many of the basic tools required to harness remote sensing for monitoring and mitigating drought.
24 Basic regulated standards of fair treatment and redress are essential, to avoid vulnerable households being exploited by unscrupulous operators.
25 Therefore, for China, firstly the most important thing is to keep a basic balance of the macro economy, watch against various risks and hedge away what should be hedged.
26 This very basic example shows how items and images are contained within the channel.
27 A basic design issue is whether to absorb the horizontal thrusts involved directly through the foundations or by using a supplementary horizontal compression strut.
28 So bitmaps play a useful role, but for those images that can be decomposed into basic shapes such as diagrams, logos, and chemical formulas, a vector file format is inherently more efficient.
29 On the basic of introducing function of cable launch and recovery system of tethered aerostat, this paper designs main tow system and tension measure and cable align system of the system.
30 It wraps all of the logic inside of basic UI components.