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No. sentence
1 So based on initial impressions, what does this program do when you run in it? Yeah?
2 Based on years of experience of designing high quality phones, Samsung mobile phones employ an internal antenna design technology that optimizes reception quality for any type of hand-grip use.
3 Identity Provider or IdP based on a request of some sort from a relying party A.K.A. Service Provider or SP.
4 This paper defined the matrix of fuzzy characteristics of sonar images based on the theory of fuzzing mathematics, and enhanced the image by using the sine fuzzy function.
5 Based on her interviews, Finucane believes that - in the Pacific region at least - the science related to drought and other environmental risks should be complemented with a narrative.
6 The finance minister cautions action should not be taken based on the daily gyrations of the Mumbai stock market.
7 If investors were trading securities based on the chances of these things happening to both Alice and Britney, the prices would be all over the place, because the correlations vary so much.
8 If investors were trading securities based on the chances of those things happening only to Alice, they would all trade at more or less the same price.
9 This may reflect the ambivalent nature of a “settlement”, based on a blanket amnesty and with the territory’s future wide-open.
10 Mean what you say. Say it with confidence in your ability to parent and with authority based on this confidence.
11 And it seemed to me that this revival was based on aseparation of individual liberty from the industrial revolution whose cause andsource is individual liberty.
12 If you forge ties with your boss based on mutual respect and understanding, both of you will be more effective.
13 The way to real growth is through lending to investments in the future and consumption based on savings, not out of control credit growth by Banks.
14 This song is based on an old folk tune.
15 This means that we use an age and risk group based approach in line with most other countries that have seasonal influenza vaccination programmes.
16 This distance was based on the historical fact that it was that far from Winsor Castle to the royal viewing box during the 1908 Olympics in England.
17 It is a good paper but we need to be cautious about the result as it is only based on data from the northeast Pacific Ocean.
18 The examples and concepts that follow are based on applying a Value Stream Map to a software engineering organization, but these concepts are applicable to a wide range of Settings.
19 For example, you could have multiple occurrences of the tag based on the CacheCommand constructor for your service.
20 In the long run, he predicts, Taiwanese electronics firms will not be able to compete with their Chinese rivals based solely on the efficiency of their manufacturing operations.
21 Tsai Yu-Chen of UGene Mentor, a Serious Play consultancy based in Taipei, says a common exercise is modelling, but not naming, “the people you hate most”.
22 This is another reason why it makes sense to build your asset registries based on projects, because you would expect the script files for a given project to be located on a Shared resource.
23 Suggestions on improving parental quality for children's education in Yuxi are provided based on the conclusion as well as the actual practice of the family education of the local parents.
24 Such imitative sincerity is hardly unusual in China's Internet sector, which is dominated by locally based companies that have successfully transplanted the services of web pioneers elsewhere.
25 Finally, the ways motioned above build the graphs of the sketches and the photos based on the premise of signing nodes.
26 If a client has more than one GSS-API plug-in copied, the server determines which one to use, based on the ordered list.
27 So if the arrow of time is based on our consciousness and our ability to perceive it, then do people like you who understand it more fully experience time differently then the rest of us?
28 The bookshelf concept is based on a modular system which makes it easy to adapt to the desired size and shape.
29 In other words, you should plan your college life based on what you hope to do after graduation.
30 results of the course have been encouraging based on the completed projects, student feedback and assessments, and the students' performance in other classes, and in jobs after graduation.