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No. sentence
1 vertical position of bands mean anything?
2 This time, the pyramid is a series of vertical color bands of varying widths.
3 In Britain pleasure piers grew from every nook of the coast just as the Empire expanded, and the blare of military bands along their decks echoed the triumphal march of colonisers overseas.
4 Bands typically include a singer/rapper (mor lam) and a khaen player (mor khaen) alongside fiddlers and other musicians.
5 In another experiment, Sparrow asked participantsto read and type 40 surprising facts, such as “bluebirds cannot see the colorblue’’ and “rubber bands last longer when refrigerated.
6 technique of wrapping elastic bands creates tunnels, a perspective space, and peek holes.
7 There’s also plan for a range of arm bands and belt clips to hold the charger while you are on the move.
8 There's also plans for a range of arm bands and belt clips to hold the charger while you are on the move.
9 from the hall egressed the bands.
10 However, unlike the semiconductor silicon, graphene has no gap between its valence and conduction bands.
11 For Muscovites, their city's biggest green space used to be known as a place of regimented Soviet-era fun, full of strolling proletarian families eating cheap ice cream to the sound of military bands.
12 frequency translation circuit (172-188) abuts the multiple channel bandpass filtered analogue signals in the frequency domain without any guard bands between adjacent channel signals.
13 This simple toy made of bamboo, cork and stretched rubber bands, fascinated the Wright brothers and sparked their lifelong interest in human flight.
14 Each March, over a thousand bands from around the world descend on the state's capital for four days of drinking, dancing and music industry schmoozing.
15 In his PNAS paper, Strang describes a new technique for breaking a banded matrix up into simpler matrices matrices with fewer bands.
16 Strang s analysis applies to so-called banded matrices. Most of the Numbers in a banded matrix are zeroes; the only exceptions fall along diagonal bands, at or near the central diagonal of the matrix.
17 We cannot know for certain how fairly our ancestors in foraging bands behaved," but the findings "bring us a closer understanding," she wrote.
18 White gold wedding rings and eternity bands are available in the entire spectrum of the metal through the mixing of pure gold with other metals.
19 Simple Art - Take a pegboard and stretch different color rubber bands in various shapes until every peg has been used at least once.
20 At last she went into the ballroom, but the slippers she wore were to her as iron bands full of coals of fire, in which she was obliged to dance.
21 Always itching for more volume, guitarists were eager to be heard above the drums and other loud instruments in the dance bands of the time.
22 by reducing the money available to sign and tout new artists, file-sharing has made it harder for bands to become established.
23 Listened to more music. - in addition to finding new bands, I had more time to listen to my favorite music.
24 Guitar Hero has been one of the most popular computer games in recent years, allowing people to "play" songs on realistic-looking plastic guitars and drum kits in time to music tracks from real bands.
25 Before long Mr Paul was performing with the most elegant bands on radio and in posh nightclubs.
26 On examining it he found that the door was not a door; it had neither hinges, cross-bars, lock, nor fissure in the middle; the iron bands traversed it from side to side without any break.
27 When family members dispersed to other bands, they would be recognized and neighboring bands would cooperate instead of fighting to the death as chimp groups do.
28 After 2000, the boy bands started to split up for a while and members focused on their own solo careers, such as Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys and Justin Timblerlake of N’Sync.
29 Design Fancy Easter eggs - Wrap several rubber bands in different directions around the eggs before dunking them in the Easter egg dye.
30 The acoustic detector in the armband contains five piezoelectric cantilevers, each weighted to respond to certain bands of sound frequencies.