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No. sentence
1 You can easily fake up an excuse to avoid going out with him.
2 He ducked out the back to avoid the reporters.
3 By publishing sections of a single common business model, you avoid the pitfalls of duplication and divergence.
4 Obviously, to fix this problem, you must avoid the cyclic class hierarchy.
5 device itself should be mirrored or have data protection to avoid data corruption.
6 But fast food isnt healthy enough, it doesnt compose a balanced diet and is low in nutrition. Doctors suggest that people should avoid eating too much fast food.
7 Neither side should delude itself that it can avoid the harm caused by an increased mutual antagonism; both should understand that a crisis in one country can hurt the other.
8 If you want improve your chances of not getting cancer, avoid these foods.
9 Sleep on a silk scarf or slip to avoid fuzzing up hair.
10 To avoid false readings you want to place it out of direct sunlight and in a weatherproof location that provides enough ventilation.
11 from the bullet trains' TV screens, snack boxes and perky attendants, Wang shifted on a hard seat, trying to avoid tangling his legs with the men sitting in front of him.
12 Countries including Britain, France and the US have urged their citizens to avoid trips to Thailand, and advised those already in Bangkok to stay in their hotels and away from protests.
13 Or worse of all, do you avoid her altogether?
14 As stated earlier, we used direct JDBC calls for our complex query operations to avoid the performance overhead in EJB2 query.
15 The sad part is, Ms. Right types are hard to change, as their personal pride tends to get in the way of understanding others and the world around her, so all you can really do is avoid these women.
16 If history tends to repeat itself, can we not at least learn from the past and avoid repeating mistakes?
17 Open your eyes, your hearts, your hands, and avoid the poison your forebears so greedily sucked in from History.
18 If information can go stale over time, add a time stamp to avoid using old data.
19 July and August are unpleasantly hot, and Romans traditionally desert the stiflingly hot city in August, with many businesses closing; try to avoid visiting at this time.
20 To avoid miscarriage you'd better register your letter.
21 In this series of articles, you will learn how to avoid many mistakes.
22 Learn how to avoid guys like in the picture above and read our guide below!
23 She sheered off in time to avoid an accident.
24 The car veered suddenly to avoid running into the dog.
25 His car was swerved to avoid bumping against the roadblock.
26 that helps the wasp shrink so small that it can avoid most predators and invade the eggs of other insects.
27 So we try to avoid that.
28 We pointed out that iterations reduce risk and avoid the problems inherent in an all-at-once delivery.
29 In the wild they rarely go near rivers and lakes, to avoid the crocodiles and snakes that lurk there.
30 Moreover, it is hard to avoid the conclusion that changes in relative housing costs between states, while certainly not the only factor at work, have played an important role.