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No. sentence
1 In the past, these states were often overrun by the armies of powerful neighbors; in the future, they may be fighting for their autonomy against competing zones of influence.
2 Erdogan and Talya N. Bauer of Portland State University in Oregon found that overqualified workers' feelings of dissatisfaction can be dissipated by giving them autonomy in decision making.
3 He swore his loyalty to Mr Putin in exchange for keeping his autonomy.
4 I'm thinking less of the freedom wrested by individuals from public powers and more of the human autonomy at the heart of a hostile, silent nature.
5 But he insists it should still have broad autonomy.
6 Inuit of Canada won some powers a decade ago, while the Sami, Komi and Sakha peoples also have some autonomy.
7 Of course, many people allow themselves to be influenced, and even manipulated, by others, but this is itself a choice to give away autonomy to some extent.
8 They gave us autonomy which is a joke.
9 In the West, on the other hand, the idea of progress rests on establishing individual autonomy and liberty.
10 The autonomy each functional tower enjoys lead to the working in a silo approach.
11 The automobile was a revolution in personal autonomy, but it came with great costs.
12 Writers and artists seem to have carved out a small niche of autonomy.
13 regions have varying levels of autonomy and prosperity, but all their bosses are, in effect, now appointed by the president.
14 Business unit autonomy also guided decisions on staffing issues.
15 Nationalists, meanwhile, fret that gestures to meet demands for greater autonomy will inevitably lead to the break-up of Turkey.
16 their other enterprises too, the Beatles are reaching out for total artistic autonomy. They are talking about directing their next film themselves.
17 If Americans cling to outmoded notions of national autonomy, they will be leading themselves, and the world, down a path of emboldened threats, stifled cooperation, and missed opportunities.
18 But just how much autonomy Mr Gao has is uncertain.
19 You go to business school and hear all these things about autonomy, discretion, authority, and organizational behavior, who's in power to what jobs and what titles.
20 Striving to regain the initiative, the commission will soon push for Eurobonds and greater decision-making autonomy in its rescue fund.
21 This does not mean that public universities should be privatised. But they need more autonomy and an incentive to compete with one another-whether for students, staff or donors.
22 Five years ago, all of our units were much freer to do what they wanted for local autonomy; now we see the value of being global as well as local.
23 Why did women tolerate a system where their rights and autonomy were severely limited, where they were so oppressed?
24 Mr Erdogan has given Kurds more freedom and autonomy than they had before, for which he deserves credit.
25 The theory holds that well-being depends in large part on meeting one's basic psychological needs for autonomy, competence, and relatedness.
26 Success may hinge on how much autonomy the EU is prepared to give Iceland in managing its rich fish stocks.
27 Puritanism is based on autonomy of local congregations, simplicity of worship, asceticism, egalitarianism, and a call to the past with restoration of original values through purification.
28 command and security-division droids have some level of autonomy, but all battle droids are ultimately subservient to the commands of the CCC.
29 The CiU may well demand still more autonomy for Catalonia, but it is broadly liberal on economic policy.
30 For many here, every "barca" victory is an affirmation of Catalonia's autonomy and supremacy.