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No. sentence
1 Who gave you this authority?
2 father then used his authority of being father and snatched the knife.
3 Penang's new leader, Lim Guan Eng, says that the federal government has an "ambivalent" attitude towards him, cutting off some funding but not undermining his authority.
4 I am no stickler for authority.
5 He disrespected all authority figures.
6 They disclaimed the authority of the president.
7 he usurped his boss's authority.
8 The students acknowledged the authority of the student council.
9 students in the village petitioned the authority for a new playground.
10 Who instituted them, on what authority?
11 We see him as an authority on the subject.
12 What about those who are not Christian and do not hold to the authority of the Bible?
13 So I do not claim to be an authority.
14 Mean what you say. Say it with confidence in your ability to parent and with authority based on this confidence.
15 What matters is how the people who possess authority think of it.
16 Would you have one in authority over you scream at you and talk down to you?
17 There are, however, restrictions in the authority relationship.
18 More than that, she had authority, she was asked for her advice when there were problems, and if she intervened in an argument, her decision was accepted.
19 If business managers were to have confidence in the outcome, they would want to keep their specialists on their own teams, not surrender them to a centralized authority.
20 It used to be clear that the ruling classes had the wealth, authority and power while those underneath did not.
21 Consideration for others does not, with most children, arise spontaneously, but has to be taught, and can hardly be taught except by the exercise of authority.
22 This is still a huge question for us when we think about nation building and building new states, how to create a legitimate authority.
23 At the same time, the manager should step in and assert authority only when required, which should be rarely.
24 When, and only when, these behaviors occur does an authority relationship exist between the superior and subordinate.
25 Thank Him for the difficulties in life that have caused you to recognize your spiritual needs, to mourn over sin, and to submit to His authority.
26 No one is your authority. Study this stuff for yourself.
27 Retrieving the peer certificate is necessary if you wish to either display it to the user or verify it either against the host name or the certificate authority.
28 essential component for all of these actions (stated explicitly in the last one) is the ability and the authority to make decisions.
29 Many of them, like Boston, do not have the authority to raise taxes and must rely on state funding.
30 If you have the appropriate skills and authority, you can update or extend this set of types.