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No. sentence
1 took great strength to resist the pressure of the authorities.
2 Details of the procedure for detection of artificial ripening of fruits have also been distributed to state authorities.
3 Few of her former comrades enjoy this comfort; but, as another resident explained, the authorities like them to live there "to do propaganda and education work".
4 Local authorities must refer everything to the central ministries.
5 An influx of tourists may also soon lead to increased attention from authorities and real-estate developers, disturbing Dali's mellow aura.
6 State authorities have ordered cutbacks in deliveries of water from the delta because of the threat to endangered species of salmon and smelt.
7 military authorities lifted the curfew on the city.
8 The authorities dragooned the peasants into leaving their farms.
9 The authorities deported her for illegal entry.
10 Not so for the authorities.
11 Why did authorities not rescue us?
12 WHO and health authorities in affected countries will not have all the answers immediately, but we will get them.
13 There is nothing to fear or hide from local authorities.
14 We have also notified the trading standards authorities.
15 But only after health authorities saw a documentary on her spa this past winter was she asked to stop providing the service, she said.
16 So this is going to be a very big drill with all local authorities in Israel.
17 So, the ICRC was obviously still in contact with the prison authorities of Myanmar.
18 But such services as these might involve him with the authorities of the country in which he practices this kind of philanthropy," said Franz.
19 My mother had to return to England, but by then I was accepted by the authorities and so was allowed to stay on at the reserve.
20 Municipal authorities know what this means in terms of attracting tourists and new businesses and winning the next election.
21 We hope the Iranian authorities realize the significance of this gesture. Iran has much to gain but time is essential," he said.
22 The trials need to be approved by ethics committees and competent regulatory authorities.
23 We applaud that the responsible authorities are conducting those investigations.
24 Despite the evidence that they do not encourage drug use, some authorities still refuse to support needle exchanges and other programmes to help injecting drug users.
25 Sometimes they do water tests, sometimes they report suspicious discharges to authorities.
26 Some of the camps are mobile, but it is hard to believe the authorities are not aware of these activities.
27 There is no sign that authorities are ready to take such a step in the near future.
28 A: I understand your concern over that case, but I think only the judicial authorities can answer your question, if they will.
29 Teams from local health authorities, the Ministry of health, and WHO are currently in the three hamlets investigating these cases and assessing the overall situation.
30 Historically, outbreaks have tended to reach the attention of health authorities only after transmission has been amplified by inadequate infection control in health care Settings.