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authoritarian in a sentence

1. DeMille had an authoritarian persona on set;

2. Nazarbayev ruled in an authoritarian manner.

3. Chavez's leadership style was authoritarian;

4. He reacted by becoming more authoritarian.

5. It is a hallmark of an authoritarian regime."

6. This came after decades of authoritarian rule.

7. avoiding the authoritarian character;

8. His authoritarian policies made him unpopular.

9. Voorhees's authoritarian role to survive.

10. has nothing to do with authoritarian #China.

11. Plato believed in an authoritarian state.

12. He was an authoritarian.

13. If the Socialism is Authoritarian;

14. he's not an authoritarian person."

15. some democratic, some authoritarian;

16. some democratic, some authoritarian;

17. of affection (due to authoritarian systems);

18. Panism is inherently anti-authoritarian;

19. Vietnam is a one-party, authoritarian state.

20. Chad, has an authoritarian regime.

21. avoiding the authoritarian character;

22. Lee was called authoritarian, and anti-labor.

23. His authoritarian style alienated many.

24. and was pretty authoritarian in nature.

25. It's always been authoritarian.

26. Voorhees's authoritarian role to survive.

27. That was the Authoritarian Empire.

28. He is also an authoritarian father.

29. 1951, authoritarian and positivist;

30. husbands are often authoritarian and cruel;