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No. sentence
1 official or authoritarian declaration; a proclamation or an edict.
2 Ethiopia is Africa’s only big country with a non-presidential parliamentary system; sadly, it has lapsed into harsh authoritarian rule under Meles Zenawi.
3 Because of her authoritarian air, she sometimes appears to be rather like a headmistress dealing sternly with rowdy students.
4 Most intriguing is the question of whether certain cultures, such as Confucian ones, possess an affinity for authoritarian political systems, as conference participants suggested.
5 But exactly how she will manage that alliance remains to be seen, as Rousseff - who can give off authoritarian AIRS - does not have a fraction of Lula's people skills.
6 What brought about a radical change was not authoritarian decrees, but the ideas and the deeds of enterprising men whose energy and diligence were challenged by the profit motive.
7 Chua's reports from the trenches of authoritarian parenthood are indeed disconcerting, even shocking, in their candid admission of maternal ruthlessness.
8 Kyrgyzstan's parliamentary elections took place on October 10th, six months after the overthrow of its authoritarian President, Kurmanbek Bakiyev.
9 Myers, a specialist in North Korean political propaganda at South Korea's Dongseo University, says even under the North's authoritarian system, building public support is crucial.
10 Fowler was convincing and entertaining rather than authoritarian and angry, and a lifetime's lonely erudition (he was painfully shy) shows through on every page.
11 We should not kowtow to an authoritarian government which neglects the well-being of its people.
12 Mr Erdogan's authoritarian bent and his quarrels with the secular press did not help.
13 No authoritarian state can survive a sustained decline in its authority—and the government’s writ is shrinking visibly.
14 Some 140, 000 people died in wars in Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo, as authoritarian politicians purged their countries of those they saw as subversive or subhuman.
15 Traditional instruction dramatically underestimates the percentage of self-starters whose boundless curiosity has no need for authoritarian direction.
16 After they had both agreed that he should stay on in his post, Mr Ubukata tried to air his grievances to his boss, notably his concerns about the increasingly authoritarian nature of his leadership.
17 The paper finds that the variables of class status have no influences on political efficacy and citizenship, but show a significant influence on the authoritarian values and civil participations.
18 India was slow to respond to Musharraf's early overtures, and by the time it was ready to enter into negotiations, the authoritarian Musharraf had come under domestic pressure to leave office.
19 As political activists, we need to transform ourselves from idealists into realists and do our homework systematically and comprehensively about the complexity of authoritarian societies.
20 Both countries are also currently facing a classical problem for authoritarian governments: how do you manage a change of leadership without provoking dangerous infighting at the top?
21 Kids raised in authoritarian households got grades comparable to kids from what we called authoritative households, where you had strictness accompanied by warmth and encouragement of self-direction.
22 city in an authoritarian state could guide the world, even if its leaders brag of rising wealth and high-speed trains that run on time.
23 In one he appeared to like teaching and students and in the other he came across as a much more authoritarian figure who didn't like teach at all.
24 Traditionally, authoritarian regimes collapse only when the people sustain their protests over a long time and across a wide geographic territory.
25 And it is here that local authorities, anxious to preserve Shenzhen's pioneering role, have been trying to develop a smarter, leaner form of authoritarian rule.
26 I think we have a similar development now, where there won't be this very harsh kind of authoritarian way of governing, which owes much more to Legalism than to Confucianism.
27 real debate, especially in the wake of the recent crisis, is over what mix of democratic jockeying and authoritarian decisiveness makes economies most robust.
28 In the novel "Wowen in Love", Laurence created a typical example of the authoritarian personality. Gerald Crich.
29 No one explicitly called the current principal an authoritarian busybody, but that was the obvious implication.
30 Whether Mr Assad is willing to make these changes, and whether he can do so without undercutting the foundations of his authoritarian regime, is unclear.