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1 But this study suggests that if the goal is increased equality, individual attitudes have to change.
2 Peeling off yet one more skin, we reveal the intellectual level (knowledge, skills, and attitudes) which tells us how the teacher decides what needs to be done and how it should be done.
3 During your lifetimes on earth you were often inspired to plant seeds of light in the form of new ideas or attitudes, but you were frequently misunderstood by your environment.
4 Cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and depression and personal and environmental factors e.g. negative attitudes, inaccessible transportation and public buildings, and limited social supports.
5 In my novel Dark Swirl, published in the UK more than decade ago, you can see how local myth combines with present feelings and attitudes, in more than a binary view world.
6 Attitudes to hygiene in the West have evolved not only with modern medicine and microbiology.
7 It may take bankruptcy to change attitudes in Japan, but that would be a good thing,” he says.
8 The boss always shows his sincere attitudes towards the customers. He will never be stringy to add pig liver, pork and others materials.
9 But in all of these movements, there are two attitudes, among groups who are liberating themselves whether they are Jews, or Blacks or Latinos or Asians.
10 holds for creation, looked upon as one of the possible attitudes for the man conscious of the absurd, holds for all the styles of life open to him.
11 Wherever we are in life, we have the choice to start again, and to relearn some of our behaviors, actions and attitudes.
12 Barbara and Anne are good friends, but they have different attitudes to their jobs.
13 Attitudes toward Western doctors have begun to loosen as young, assimilated Hmong-Americans assume more powerful roles in the family.
14 Though nothing that would make elderly ladies blush, it was still a surprising sign of distress from a player whose public attitudes are dream material for sponsors.
15 Laws influence attitudes over time, she says, by denying those with prejudices the opportunity to indulge them.
16 The program is aimed at changing the attitudes towards disabled students; to treat them with tolerance, respect and acceptance.
17 The aim is to challenge and even change attitudes towards hearing AIDS and, of course, to help people enjoy a good old natter while still enjoying the atmosphere of a teeming pub.
18 More important, they believed, was public spiritedness - a system of habits and attitudes that would check egotism and self-indulgence.
19 Travelling, % with the exposure to different climes, cultures, and peoples, broadens the mind, helps develop life skills, and makes for more open attitudes and tolerance.
20 Thus the social value of protecting native ecosystems must be weighed against the social value of fostering positive attitudes about the protection of nature through giant constrictor ownership.
21 Educating children about the risks of binge drinking and explaining that most people can enjoy alcohol in moderation will also cultivate the right attitudes and behaviour towards drink.
22 A Shaolin abbot who styles himself as a CEO, or a cabbie who, when asked about religion, growls, "I believe only in money," are expressing attitudes incomprehensibly alien to India's devout.
23 Could the DSK affair change such attitudes?
24 It starts with a change in attitudes - a broadening of our minds, and a broadening of our hearts.
25 It purports to show how the casual attitudes of the American students, compared with those of their overseas counterparts, pose a clear and present danger to America's economic future.
26 I mean is that most of the constraints that prevent you from living the life you dream lie in the depths of yourself, your beliefs, your habits, your knowledge, and your skills and attitudes.
27 The samples could be misleading. But perhaps they reveal a recent change in Indian attitudes towards the value of daughters.
28 Love is smothered by wrong attitudes.
29 The root causes reside in social attitudes, norms, and behaviours and the policies that perpetuate them.
30 In summary, dogmatic attitudes about each of these approaches should be avoided if they are to be combined.