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attestation in a sentence

1. This process is called DAA Direct anonymous attestation.

2. Remote attestation could cause other problems.

3. The first attestation of the word highwayman is from 1617.

4. His last secure attestation as dean is in October 1154.

5. the voiced clicks, which may simply be gaps in attestation.

6. The first documentary attestation is in 1365.

7. The earliest certain attestation dates to 1474.

8. KubSTU has passed the state attestation and accreditation.

9. Damu's earliest attestation is dated to the Ur III period.

10. Attestation by major language family:

11. This is the first certain attestation of Ayas.

12. Multiple attestation has a certain kind of objectivity.

13. Attestation may refer to:

14. No historical attestation of Sheshi is known for certain.

15. the first documentary attestation is from 1826.

16. The first documentary attestation was on 21 April 1411.

17. Donnchad's last certain attestation occurs in 1237.

18. No attestation, however, was provided by Rev.

19. A direct attestation of Asnide has not yet been found.

20. if so, it is the earliest such attestation.

21. His attestation papers offer a few details about him.

22. the criterion of multiple attestation;

23. A notarial attestation of a lease by him occurs in 1577.

24. attestation of documents, signatures and copies;

25. Each medal came with an "attestation of award" certificate.

26. This is the oldest attestation.

27. Her previous attestation was held in abeyance.

28. The oldest attestation is in the 14th century in Drenthe.

29. Quebec Attestation of College Studies.

30. core technology of the safety attestation is studied.