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attach in a sentence

1. Attach the receipt also.

2. no '-isms' attach to their names."

3. Tendons usually attach muscle to bone.

4. The ribs attach to the spine.

5. attach to that forestock.

6. USN Naval Attaché, Lt. Cmdr.

7. cables and block purchases to attach;

8. He was an attaché there.

9. United States military attaché Maj.

10. but I do not attach blame to him.

11. These attach to both nouns and verbs;

12. to attach to the intestinal lining.

13. The vertebrae attach to the carapace.

14. PFCS attach points.

15. Nails attach box to side of stud.

16. Attaché H.M. Legation Warsaw in 1920.

17. Press Attaché in Prague;

18. Press Attaché in Sarajevo;

19. Attachés have included:

20. Attaché may also refer to:

21. but do not attach much value to this.

22. Many legends attach to this place;

23. He served as an attaché in China.

24. Trigger) attach to the core.

25. Lyappa arm and attach fixture on Mir.

26. she was able to attach two.

27. Instead, they attach to parts of both.

28. The limbs attach to the riser.

29. In November 2014 Attach joined Denial.

30. Do not attach to crib or playpen.