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ate in a sentence

1. He often ate with them.

2. Mary: Oh, I just ate."

3. He ate up all the sins.

4. Kumain akó. "I ate."

5. He ate and drank a lot.

6. He ate a little.

7. He ate very little.

8. He ate 81 hamburgers.

9. Ate five times a day.

10. Kobolds Ate My Baby!

11. Tommy Brock ate them.

12. they eat as he ate;

13. They ate grass;

14. they ate the meat raw.

15. ate may refer to:

16. He ate very little.

17. I ate everything.

18. Chroma ATE Inc.

19. He ate by himself.

20. "A dingo ate my baby!"

21. He ate all the others.

22. ate, Idelsohn &

23. they just ate fish."

24. We ate the fish.

25. Who ate all the algae?

26. Yes, I ate some cake.

27. one that Eve ate.

28. The serpent ate Eve.

29. Maud ate it all up.

30. ate like a lumberjack.