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associated changes in a sentence

1. There are associated changes in the neural networks such as development of stereoscopic vision and loss of the lateral line system.

2. The other two graphs show the associated changes in atmospheric GHG concentrations (in CO2-equivalents) and global mean temperature for these scenarios.

3. In 1947 the St. Pancras junction was relaid with prefabricated trackwork, along with associated changes to the signalling system.

4. The communication difficulties associated with autism, and the associated changes in neurochemistry, are also known to cause autistic fits (autistic mood swings).

5. Associated changes were provision of two quadruple 0.5-inch (12.7 mm) machine guns.

6. Associated changes to call centres affected up to 1,200 jobs, mostly at The Woolwich contact centre in Clacton-on-Sea, which closed at the end of 2007.

7. They had, in 1989, started a study of age-associated changes in cognition and function in a group of older adults in Kentucky who had agreed to brain donation at death.

8. He enjoys teasing Eve about anything he can, usually relating to her relationship with Roarke and associated changes;

9. and to demonstrate domestication-associated changes in root and rhizosphere microbiomes (2018).

10. Associated changes in habitat and the introduction of reptiles, snakes and other mammals led to the extinction of bird species, including large birds such as eagles.

11. The transition from the communist rule in Poland and associated changes in industrial ownership caused his club to lose the sponsor.

12. The habitat is too rugged in most areas to be directly developed, but associated changes to the habitat from nearby development may include the edge effect.

13. CNPase is a myelin-associated enzyme that makes up 4% of total CNS myelin protein, and is thought to undergo significant age-associated changes.

14. The improvements were based on public consultations and included schedule and route adjustments to the ICE service and associated changes to the local feeder network.

15. When a person's gender is not officially recognized, they may seek associated changes, such as to their legal name, including on their birth certificate.

16. Glucocorticoids have been implicated in fetal maturation, regulation of immune response and many other pregnancy associated changes.

17. Changes in the CCN concentration and their associated changes in the cloud drop distribution can redistribute the energy within a hurricane.

18. The Coalition will support the legislation, but plans to vote against the associated changes to trademark laws.

19. the emergence of digital music stands and the associated changes such media may bring.

20. Over 10 million embryos were used to test the protein turnover rates and the associated changes in metabolic rates in the larvae as they developed and this super-efficiency was found.

21. Drought-associated changes in soil chemistry have been proposed to be associated with areas of die-off.

22. In common with most other karst of the Central West, the Cliefden karst has been cleared of native vegetation for grazing and cropping and suffered associated changes to groundwater.

23. Because of its receptor specific action, there are no associated changes in core body temperatures, heart rate or blood pressure as with other melatonin medications.

24. The movie is set in against the dusk of the Soviet Union and associated changes in economical and social life.

25. Since then there have been significant changes to the Adelaide Oval eastern stands and many associated changes to the layout of the gardens.

26. Whittle follows their suggestion and also notes that the associated changes to the road layout obliterated the southern corner of the site.

27. These changes in the perception of the signal can often be predicted by measuring the associated changes in the signal envelope and/or temporal fine structure (TFS).

28. Future climate-induced changes to permafrost "will drive habitat and biome shifts, with associated changes in the ranges and abundance of ecologically-important species."

29. People generally go to bed earlier and get up earlier as they age. Age - associated changes of rhythm and sleep forms might influence vascular condition.

30. Conclusion 1h-mrs is a noninvasive technique that can provide useful information concerning the age-associated changes of the basal ganglia metabolite concentrations in normal human.