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No. sentence
1 We will create these resources in the provider and associate them with the bus.
2 Pettis is an associate professor of finance at Peking University.
3 You will be able to associate advanced data manipulation logic to the input and output of activities and specify notification mechanisms.
4 We associate with all sorts of people.
5 is “horribly wrong,” said Yenbo Wu, associate vice president for international education at San Francisco State University.
6 I could never bring myself to associate with such a woman.
7 In the virtual campus domain model, you associate every doorway with a building.
8 All of this we can associate with the pleasure principle.
9 I usually associate the new words and phrases with episodes where I have heard them.
10 If an associate invites you to discuss giving you their business or investing in yours, you should at least offer to pay the bill.
11 Moreover, that number could grow, since the tobacco industry is spending heavily on advertisements that target women and associate tobacco use with beauty and liberation.
12 For now, you will associate each table with a content spot.
13 The tables will eventually be populated with content by a rule, but for now, you will associate each table with a content spot.
14 For now, you will simply associate the table to a content spot.
15 Many people associate dark clouds with depression and gloom.
16 Who you associate with influences your thoughts, actions and behaviour.
17 As this is repeated, night after night, this sets up a situation where we associate our bed with the anxiety of not being able to sleep.
18 In short, it is not the sort of place you would associate with corporate schmoozing.
19 Some of us have trouble with accountability because we associate the word with punishment, scrutiny, and/or not meeting standards or agreements.
20 The flexibility of use and the ability to associate error messages with the component being validated is a desirable characteristic of the way JSF handles validation.
21 Tony Buzan recommends that once the time and place are right, you "immediately listen to music you associate with relaxation," preferring piano and baroque.
22 He is clear to listen to the oddness of condition of the injury, associate there to break.
23 You can then associate the template with the entity type.
24 You can skip this step if you want to associate this project with another organization.
25 These form fields allow you to associate variables with the field.
26 Our goal was to find a fragrance that women and men would associate with youth.
27 When you create a table space, you can associate it with a specific buffer pool (database cache) as well as to specific containers.
28 But he grows increasingly animated as he discusses rival "Shaolin" tours and others who seek to associate themselves with the monastery.
29 It offers three levels, including PM associate, project manager, and a degree in program 1 management.
30 The first bite of the sirloin steak delivered the familiar tongue-coating richness I'd come to associate with premium Kobe beef.