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No. sentence
1 Please call if you require assistance.
2 He called and called but no one came to his assistance.
3 You should never deny assistance to those who need it.
4 My name is Li Ming, a college student of Peking University, and I am writing in the hope of your assistance to find a needy child for whom I may provide financial support.
5 The WHO country office in Pyongyang has offered direct assistance to the Ministry of Public Health in strengthening surveillance and diagnostic capacity for the detection of possible human cases.
6 For many of those trapped or buried in rubble, the new assistance may arrive too late.
7 Romanian government and people thank for China's disinterested assistance.
8 China has offered lots of generous and disinterested assistance to Sierra Leone for economic and social development, which greatly benefits its government and people.
9 The two countries are good brothers and the Egyptian people are grateful for China's long-standing disinterested support and assistance.
10 Guinean government and people thank for China's years of disinterested and generous assistance.
11 They paw, bark or whine allowing their owners the opportunity to move to a safe place or call for assistance.
12 Occasionally, they are not delivering it, but we have to deliver [assistance] in a military escort.
13 By promoting self-reliance, we help people move away from dependence on food aid and other forms of assistance.
14 Korea has hinted it may delay energy and other assistance it committed to provide North Korea under the six-nation deal.
15 Although it is famine that has forced so many people into Mogadishu for assistance, the growing concern is that those who make it here may be as likely to die of disease as starvation.
16 They took steps to provide assistance to the most vulnerable economies, even as they faced exceptional financial needs at home.
17 China's assistance to Pakistan, military and civilian, has also led to deep misgivings in New Delhi.
18 And that is why we have a responsibility to provide the financial and technical assistance needed to help these nations adapt to the impacts of climate change and pursue low-carbon development.
19 As China develops, we will provide more assistance to Africa and make greater contributions to the development of Africa.
20 They channel their assistance overwhelmingly to social sectors or to infrastructure sectors such as water supply and sanitation that have direct effects on household health.
21 What improvements in user assistance, user manuals, and help would you like to see most?
22 Your frustration could be an indication that you just need some input or assistance.
23 If you or someone you know has a drinking problem, seek assistance for them or with them.
24 Hardly can anyone achieve success in his career without the assistance of his colleagues and partners.
25 But part of trying to do what is right for the Burmese people is to provide humanitarian assistance in this time of extreme need.
26 Some request that you use no outside assistance but others will allow you to use books and the Internet.
27 she often returned to her village to extend assistance.
28 I think I need your expert assistance now.
29 How do we get legal assistance?
30 Then sovereign wealth funds can join us, even invest with us, not as another source of development assistance, but rather as long-term investors.