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assemblage in a sentence

1. a large assemblage of Roman portrait heads;

2. experimenting with assemblage as well as collage.

3. This assemblage is diagnostic of this facies.

4. The assemblage.

5. new vocalist Tom Shear (Assemblage 23);

6. An Assemblage of the Heroines of Kagoshima.

7. The whole was an eclectic assemblage of styles.

8. Assemblage is a term with uses in several fields:

9. This genus is a heterogeneous assemblage.

10. They are part of the Bann culture assemblage.

11. Sophora represents a polyphyletic assemblage.

12. Texas stream fish assemblage.

13. They are here in ghostly assemblage.

14. Supercluster is the astronomical assemblage.

15. It forms part of the Hațeg Island assemblage.

16. Testate amoebae are a polyphyletic assemblage.

17. He devoted himself to assemblage art.

18. "Fish Assemblage Recovery and Persistence."

19. The local pottery dominates the assemblage;

20. "Assemblage" at Kent Fine Art, Inc.

21. An Introductory assemblage of crucial concepts.

22. They are all from Assemblage 3(100 BCE-500 CE).

23. There is no burnishing on Assemblage 1 pottery.

24. This assemblage dates to 2500-1500 BCE.

25. There are 369 sherds of Assemblage 3 pottery.

26. Burial 9 - Bone assemblage.

27. 2007: Ramona, Mixed media Assemblage.

28. The formation comprises two Assemblage zones;

29. Both taxa are rare components of the assemblage.

30. Two assemblage groups are recognized;