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1 The notoriously ascetic generally personally lambasted European soldiers spotted idling in the garden.
2 The Quanzhen School of Taoism, established at the Jin and Yuan dynasties, called on Taoists to live an ascetic life and to minimize the needs for material life.
3 To survive on this ascetic diet, Pinus longaeva invests very little energy in growth.
4 Even the epigraph to the Line of Beauty - a passage from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - suggests a playfulness at odds with his ascetic reputation.
5 Tales of plentiful pearls, exotic spices, and ascetic holy men, like the present-day sadhu shown here, appear in pages on India in Marco’s book from the late 1290s, The Description of the World.
6 He christened this attitude 'amor fati'. (Ironically, it was Nietzsche who led an ascetic life while neither Schopenhauer nor Wagner seemed to have practiced the 'renunciation of the Will'!)
7 It is my firm resolve that if I cannot find a shady shelter and a companion for my penance, I shall never turn ascetic.
8 Kosha Joubert, another resident, is not to adopt a dreary, ascetic lifestyle but to demonstrate that it is possible to live in a green manner without undue sacrifice or disruption.
9 The melodrama of his last days, when he fled his family estate to take up the life of an ascetic, was revived in all its pulpy detail, like some kind of early-stage reality television.
10 In contemporary Shanghai, architectural styles all coincide - the crassest postmodern revivalism and the purest ascetic modernism.
11 As it happens, the newish CHP leader, Kemal Kilicdaroglu (nicknamed Gandhi for his ascetic ways), has been a huge improvement on his dinosaur of a predecessor, Deniz Baykal.
12 When abstinence is the only choice, an ascetic frame of mind comes easy.
13 Because in a small nook across that ascetic cell of a bedroom, Salinger kept a safe.
14 They developed quite a following, they were very ascetic, very strict, so they forbade marriage, and these sorts of things.
15 Not deciding to move to an island or Third World country to live as an ascetic priestess - I like urban cities, and I enjoy having stuff.
16 This is achieved by strict celibacy and ascetic practices.
17 Brown is himself part deep-thinking ascetic, part inadvertent blunderer, and he risks making the same mistake, in more than one way.
18 Paul and the good guys are all ascetic.
19 In short we cannot claim that these days of our retirement were passed in ascetic meditation.
20 ancient culture, what is it about these people that caused them not only to be converted to Christianity but to be converted especially to a form of it that was radically ascetic?
21 So, given the nineteenth century, we are opposed, as a general proposition, and among all peoples, in Asia as well as in Europe, in India as well as in Turkey, to ascetic claustration.
22 It's completely ascetic.
23 Yet even those who carry on the most ascetic, pared-down existence depend on petroleum in some form or other.
24 words, what the author says is, you don't need all these ascetic practices because if you are in Christ you already possess everything that the heavens have to offer.
25 The poem represents a kind of as does the short poem, "a Coat" represents a kind of ascetic move, an active imaginative and rhetorical stripping-down.
26 A sort of ascetic order constantly dissatisfied with satisfaction, never able to make the real world conform to our sense of perfect exposure harmony and order.
27 India has two aspects--in one she is a householder, in the other a wandering ascetic.
28 I shall never be an ascetic.
29 therefore, we must take up, he suggests, an ascetic path, engaging only, as he says, in "those works" that are fit "for such men as come proud, open-eyed" and laughing to the tomb.
30 No, my friends, I shall never be an ascetic, whatever you may say.