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as of fall 2015 in a sentence

1. As of Fall 2015, this fee (semesteravgift) is NOK 590 (approx.

2. As of Fall 2015, TCC reported 38,017 students.

3. As of Fall 2015, the College of Engineering and Science had the largest enrollment of any college at Louisiana Tech with 22.9% of the student body.

4. The school's enrollment as of Fall, 2015 was above 14,966 students.

5. As of fall 2015, the university offers five bachelor's programmes fully in English: Business Analytics (Faculty of Science);

6. As of Fall 2015, the student body was 64 percent female and 36 percent male.

7. As of fall 2015, Trinity College does not require the SAT or ACT for students applying for admission.

8. An LP was planned, but as of Fall 2015 has not materialized.

9. As of fall 2015, there were 194 students enrolled at the Yale School of Drama, 18% of which were international students.

10. As of fall 2015, there are 79 faculty members.

11. As of fall 2015, 65% of students were female and 35% male.

12. As of fall 2015, 2,677 students were enrolled at Viterbo.

13. As of Fall 2015, it has 533 students with a third of them coming from 65 countries.

14. As of Fall, 2015, there are no coal mines operating in Tumbler Ridge.

15. As of fall 2015, Fox 25/48 News is broadcast in high definition.

16. As of fall 2015, Fox 25/48 News is broadcast in HD.

17. As of fall 2015, Bill Press, Thom Hartmann, Stephanie Miller and Alan Colmes remain on the schedule from this group of hosts.

18. As of Fall 2015, the total undergraduate enrollment was 3,540, with 446 being transfer-in from other colleges and universities.

19. As of Fall 2015, Coconino Community College has 169 faculty members;

20. As of Fall 2015, WAOA-FM is ranked #1 and is the most-listened-to radio station in Cocoa Beach-Melbourne-Titusville, Florida, Nielsen Audio market.

21. Navy Women's Ice Hockey officially became a club team (from Extra Curricular Activity team) as of Fall 2015.

22. As of fall 2015, the Moody College of Communication has an enrollment of 3,837 undergraduates and 538 postgraduates.

23. As of fall 2015 there is also a client for the iPhone available.

24. Anna is currently the head novice coach for The Ohio State University's Women's Rowing Team as of Fall 2015.

25. As of Fall 2015, the Nittany Lion Battalion has five companies.

26. As of Fall 2015, the founders, Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson, have personally spoken in over 300 schools across North America.

27. Rockwall Christian Academy is permanently closed as of Fall 2015.

28. As of fall 2015 the school had 546 students, including 182 first year students (freshmen).

29. As of Fall 2015, The Institute has had people from 48 states, 25 countries and 150 colleges.

30. As of fall 2015, the university has 2 campuses, consists of 5 colleges and 7 departments, with 20 specialties for undergraduates.