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No. sentence
1 This he articulated to his children, at the same time imparting his wisdom to them.
2 I couldn't have articulated why at the time, but I dropped everything, cut my hair (woe unto me!), and enrolled in Bible college, an environment that fit me like a glove.
3 For each of the design artifacts presented in the solution, there must be a clearly articulated description of its characteristics and how it assists in realizing the end goal.
4 I don't want to manualize it, but we haven't articulated it as clearly as we should so that people in the field have a good idea of what works and what doesn't.
5 On one occasion, he made a speech defending affirmative action that effectively articulated the objections to it.
6 It is articulated to the spine.
7 It can be articulated manually, by an agreement, or by implementing a set of rules enforcing the trust policy.
8 way forward was clearly articulated in the Declaration of Alma-Ata, which launched the Health for All movement 30 years ago.
9 Piaget had a rich theoretical framework, pulling together all sorts of observations in different ways, wrote many, many books and articles and articulated his theory very richly.
10 Still and all, at least there is an articulated version of a "German Europe", so we can point out its flaws. What is Cameron's vision for a "British Europe"?
11 called articulated lorries in Britain, although they tend to be a bit puny compared with American rigs that can weigh 32,000kg (70,000lbs) or more.
12 in business history, these organizations are young, and their strategic value is clouded and not clearly articulated.
13 With a clearly articulated plan for disengagement, people can trust more fully and with more commitment.
14 A well-documented API with clearly articulated rules of engagement provides the basis for a win-win scenario.
15 Usually, we try to represent the architecture of a system through a formal model, and, usually, this model is articulated in UML, using a tool to create the various perspectives mentioned above.
16 Since the mystery in a story is the articulated mystery of man, history began to lose its human content.
17 Let me illustrate the importance of your work at the policy level, articulated in the Call for Action by the principle of mainstreaming health in all urban polices.
18 But this is a circumstance based on largely unexpressed mutual interest and not on some plan articulated by the participants and then carefully laid out.
19 Second, you have ensured that ministers of the environment work in tandem with ministers of health, as articulated in the Libreville Declaration on Health and the Environment in Africa.
20 Usually the framework of choice is articulated in separate client and server parts.
21 Its articulated arm reaches out, swivels here and there, and then gently picks up the stapler with long, rubber-clad fingers.
22 Strong sea winds can be exploited with offshore windfarms, while waves can be converted into electricity using articulated snake-like generators.
23 To maintain on-going support, these projects need to show the business value of your solution, clearly articulated by achieving technical results.
24 As so clearly articulated by the Millennium Development Goals, better health is a poverty-reduction strategy.
25 This was the position taken by other ministers, too, and articulated with increasing forcefulness as the day wore on and evidence from the night's events became available.
26 Third, we must make fairness, as articulated by the values, principles and approaches of primary health care, our overarching goal.
27 If you enjoy this type of stuff, it's an absolutely pleasure to read - logical in flow and well articulated.
28 Had he better articulated the reasons for the bail-outs, the public might have been less outraged by them.
29 He also describes the common self-image articulated by many backpackers that they are, somehow, not tourists themselves.
30 Her ears were very wide apart, her saddle deep, a fine head marked with a black star, a very long neck, strongly articulated knees, prominent ribs, oblique shoulders and a powerful crupper.