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No. sentence
1 After the first victory, our army followed through to win every battle.
2 The new rocket was extensively tested and debugged by the army.
3 The besieged army could not easily revictual.
4 Each December, my mother would have to prod him weeks in advance to begin the Christmas message to his Army buddies, until he finally sat down with a notepad, as glum as a student in detention.
5 But early signs-the bravery of the young, or the refusal of the Egyptian army to turn on the people-suggest this story could have a hopeful ending, he thinks.
6 Saddam did not have the army, but he did have a series of concentric circles of supporters loyal to him because of the patronage he extended them (special-forces units and tribes).
7 Army is providing several resources to help its employees and customers through the transition including in-house training sessions, quick-tip handouts and free online training.
8 He burrowed in the library for a book about the Chinese Red Army.
9 Tsai jumped up, looking a little ashamed of himself, for his hunger had made him forget army discipline.
10 Reports from Syria suggest the armed forces have surrounded an eastern town after defections from the army.
11 Diplomat's daughter, 17-year-old Hsiao Chou took leave from the army to accompany the author's party to Fanch 'eng.
12 The report alleged widespread misappropriation of aid and the use of forced labour by the army in the delta.
13 Charles was stripped of his power as Parliament took control of fiscal policy and placed the army and navy under their supervision.
14 What requiem can be sung”, he asked, “for trees uprooted by army bulldozers?
15 He warmed to the idea of joining the army.
16 The company will establish a systems engineering approach for the program that includes linking the towers to other existing Army systems.
17 But even as it elevated Russia's spooks, and puffed up their paranoia, Chechnya demonstrated and contributed to the chronic weakening of another once-mighty institution, the army.
18 But the outcome will be about more than just a madman and his army of enslaved children.
19 He drove one army chief to resign and tried to sack another, General Musharraf—at which point, the general launched his coup.
20 Wolf army jeep blown up in 2004 in Afghanistan is paired with the parliamentary voting CARDS of Angela Merkel, the chancellor, and her predecessor, Gerhard schroder.
21 Then cannons for the army of Pugachev were cast here.
22 The army must be kitted out with proper medical supplies.
23 The murder rate dipped after Mr Funes ordered the army onto the streets and banned gang membership, but has since bounced back.
24 Then I hauled Lulu's doll house to the car and told her I'd donate it to the Salvation Army piece by piece if she didn't have "the Little White Donkey" perfect by the next day.
25 An Army buddy of mine, a fellow American I had nicknamed "Flaps" because of his protruding ears, accompanied me to the village and took a photo of the farmer and his new buffalo.
26 Finally, desiring "the permanency" of "your happiness as a people, " he offered disinterested advice similar to that he urged when he disbanded the army.
27 The victorious army despoiled the city of many priceless treasures.
28 The enemy beset the town with a strong army.
29 The judge made a “representation order” against one of them, declaring that he had been on the Real IRA’s “army council” at the time of the bombing.
30 Batman Returns in 1992 was the first movie to use his approach, portraying a swarm of bats and an army of penguins.