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No. sentence
1 The gold was reached the bank's vault under convoy of armed guards.
2 In a launch Facilities Down scenario, security teams are required to travel to every affected missile and insert safety pins that physically prevent the missiles from being armed and launched.
3 armed forces have haughtily declared they will no longer take cash from the United States (on whom they have long depended for handouts).
4 Reports from Syria suggest the armed forces have surrounded an eastern town after defections from the army.
5 Yes, Sah, they are the armed robbers I told you about, Sah.
6 He said some armed robbers snatched the official vehicle of a Commissioner and that they needed to make a quick arrest.
7 The towers can detect hostile troop and equipment movement at considerable distances to assist armed forces in detecting and responding to threats.
8 The kidnapper was shot dead then and there by the armed policeman.
9 This month armed gangs stooped lower than ever by kidnapping toddlers for ransom, including a three-year-old Briton and the son of a prominent chief.
10 response of the authorities has been to beef up security, with armed guards in public areas and doorway metal detectors in stations and hotels.
11 No longer ragged guerrillas, the Vietminh by the early 1950s were armed by the Chinese with the latest weaponry.
12 The meeting took place Monday in Panmunjeom, the village straddling the heavily armed military demarcation line separating the two Koreas.
13 it was the year I saw two costumed schoolchildren being chased down the road by a grown man armed with a stick.
14 late 1927 he led the armed peasants into the hills of south Jiangxi.
15 has to contend with pirates at sea and armed groups on land.
16 If they ignore such requests, armed marshals on the ship would fire across their bow.
17 Ah, that means they are going to parade us as the armed robbers that snatched the Commissioner’s car. They told us to remove our clothes so we’ll look like the real robbers.
18 In any case, with the information I provided in my first Soapbox article, you should be armed with enough knowledge about SOAP and RPC to compare it to its primary rival in programming today, RMI.
19 Forty years ago, Oman was one of the Middle East's most backward countries, with fewer than a dozen miles of paved roads and a nearly impenetrable interior populated by heavily armed, warring tribes.
20 scandal has diverted attention from the reform of the armed forces, one of the government’s main projects.
21 The result, as an American general has put it, is that the armed forces could soon be “swimming in sensors and drowning in data”.
22 There is a kind of drone race starting, he says. Harris says about 50 countries use surveillance drones, though not very many use armed drones the way the United States does.
23 Armed thieves descended on the travellers.
24 As her husband inspected the 101 members of the 1st battalion of the Scots Guards " is this all the armed forces they've got left?"
25 All State organs, armed forces, political parties, public organizations, enterprises and institutions shall have the duty to safeguard the security of the State.
26 Though some types of crime have gone down, the rate of violent house robbery has doubled in the past five years. Armed robbery at business premises has risen fourfold in the same period.
27 Thousands of robots are also enrolled in the armed forces where they defuse bombs, fly reconnaissance and attack missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, and meander under the sea.
28 America's armed forces have blazed a trail here.
29 He once dispatched an armed militia to take over a rival paper pulp company.
30 A translator must be armed with the excellent ability of expressiveness and vivid imagination.