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armature in a sentence

1. The platter functions as a motor armature.

2. The revolving armature type is not often used.

3. He used the same armature for both figures;

4. This applies 220 V across each armature.

5. The underlying armature is steel covered in copper.

6. Armature may refer to:

7. The armature's role is twofold.

8. Armature wiring is made from copper or aluminum.

9. In order to close the armature a valve was opened.

10. Usually the armature resistance of a motor is low;

11. New developments also include Armature Works.

12. Nearby is the metal armature, and the upright book.

13. The second job of an armature is to not move.

14. The Three Main Types of Armature [Video]. Youtube.

15. Armature chopper control on the 01 series.

16. The armature's role is twofold.

17. Armature wiring is made from copper or aluminum.

18. The GES also included an armature winding shop.

19. Drying armature, in front of fireplace.

20. Thorns or other armature absent.

21. Armature at 0 degrees.

22. Armature at 90 degrees.

23. Armature at 180 degrees.

24. Armature at 270 degrees.

25. Armature at 360 degrees.

26. Tram Road. Training. Armature winding shop 1926.

27. 1890 and "Tezpur Armature Theater Party" estd.

28. As in armature control, field flux is constant;

29. So here is the armature in it's basic form.

30. armature current waveform of BLDCM were analyzed.