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arid regions in a sentence

1. They inhabit both grassland and arid regions.

2. Some Bedouin societies live in arid regions.

3. Water and irrigation are very important in arid regions.

4. and large non-desert arid regions;

5. Also, arid regions are usually avoided;

6. It lives in the arid regions of northwest Australia.

7. They are found on level to hilly land in arid regions.

8. Gypsisols are exclusive to arid regions;

9. They are widespread in non-arid regions.

10. They are absent in the very arid regions of western India.

11. Flat roofs on houses are primarily found in arid regions.

12. Report on the Arid Regions of the Pacific Coast (1887);

13. They inhabit deserts and similar arid regions.

14. In the arid regions, dams are mostly used for irrigation.

15. It inhabits predominantly arid and semi-arid regions.

16. In xeriscaping it is useful in hot, arid regions.

17. They are not present in dense forest or in arid regions.

18. It is found in arid regions of south-western Africa.

19. Species of Simoselaps are found mainly in arid regions.

20. As with many bats in arid regions, they are insectivores.

21. In the arid regions, dams are mostly used for irrigation.

22. from arid regions and coastlines to permanent wetlands.

23. The plant is found in dry and arid regions.

24. These species are often found in arid regions.

25. They are especially common in dry (arid) regions.

26. They are found in coastal and arid regions.

27. It is endemic to arid regions of Australia.

28. Only arid regions seem to be avoided.

29. It is native to arid regions of Australia.

30. very difficult in these arid regions.