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arduous in a sentence

1. It's a long, arduous process.

2. The tour was arduous, but a triumph.

3. This can be an arduous task.

4. APDs performed arduous service.

5. It was unbelievably arduous.

6. It was the worst kind of arduous."

7. It was an arduous trip.

8. This has been an arduous duty for you.

9. It was a long and arduous trek.

10. Hansel, like coeducation, were arduous.

11. This is well worth the arduous ascent.

12. The voyage was arduous;

13. The voyage to Catalonia was arduous.

14. Being an iceman was arduous.

15. The hike up Neverpeak is arduous.

16. here his labours were arduous;

17. The race proves to be long and arduous.

18. Agate grinding was an arduous job.

19. many regard it as too arduous.

20. Seven years of arduous training follow.

21. Solo modes are dull and arduous."

22. The fighting was long and arduous.

23. Soldiers' working lives were arduous.

24. The task was an arduous one;

25. The expedition was arduous.

26. The journey is arduous.

27. arduous" and nan 難 "difficult;

28. tasks are arduous.

29. We still face arduous struggles.

30. the MEDALS is an arduous process.