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approximately three days in a sentence

1. The brood feed as a batch for about seven minutes at intervals of approximately three days which gives the skin an opportunity to regenerate.

2. Upon completion of the modifications, they stock the rocket, which they name the Galileo, and take off for the Moon, taking approximately three days to arrive.

3. It took approximately three days for the ship's nuclear machinists to clear her condensers of river mud.

4. It takes approximately three days to erect a sturdy dwelling of this type.

5. The snowfall in Beijing lasted for approximately three days and led to the closure of 12 main roads around Beijing.

6. schools give students a whole week to rest while the staff workforce rests approximately three days.

7. When she received no reply from her mother, Wolfe briefly drifted to London in search of work, but returned to the wigwam after approximately three days.

8. Studies on horses show swelling and increased sensitivity take approximately three days to resolve.

9. It takes approximately three days to erect a sturdy dwelling of this type.

10. Mating occurs approximately three days into the adult lifespan.

11. To expedite the evacuation, residents were told to bring only what was necessary, and that they would remain evacuated for approximately three days.

12. Approximately three days after it feeds on blood, the mosquito lays her eggs over a period of several days.

13. Eggs are laid inside the shell, and take approximately three days to hatch.

14. The virus also made its way to the other side of the US, infecting computers at the United States Secret Service knocking their network offline for approximately three days.

15. They lay up to 1800 eggs usually on submerged logs, rocks or plants and the eggs hatch after approximately three days.

16. Post-production at SoHo was originally planned to take approximately three days, but it was extended to two weeks.

17. This takes approximately three days, usually without the opportunity to sleep, and ends with the Initial Strength Test (IST).

18. Approximately three days after the initial riot, a joint operation took place to regain control of camp five, the last camp under Cuban immigrant control.

19. According to Yad Vashem, about 2,000 people were murdered in approximately three days.

20. After approximately three days, dancers perform in front of the judges and there are cuts after every genre.

21. The rock is considered to be a strenuous climb, requiring approximately three days to climb to the summit.

22. Full larval engorgement takes approximately three days, during which they have the potential to significantly impact the health of their host.

23. Casting for extras took approximately three days.

24. It blossoms approximately three days after the Cox's Orange Pippin.

25. He had been shot twice in the head, and had been dead for approximately three days prior to being found.

26. In the process of using cowhide to make an isidwaba,after the cow is slaughtered, the cowhide is stretched and dried in the sun for approximately three days.

27. Shipton believed she would be exhausted, yet "exhilarated" after filming the episode, which would make her hysterical approximately three days after the end of filming.

28. The Fu-Go utilized the 220 miles per hour (350 km/h) winter jet stream to cross 5,000 miles (8,000 km) of the Pacific Ocean in approximately three days.

29. Studies on horses show swelling and increased sensitivity take approximately three days to resolve.

30. a "do not disturb" sign was left hanging from her door for approximately three days before her body was discovered.