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appropriateness in a sentence

1. The appropriateness of this title becomes apparent as the novel progresses.

2. and the nutrition, safety and cultural appropriateness or adequacy of food.

3. The parents of the student had concerns about the book's appropriateness.

4. When choosing a method, consider cost, time constraints, and appropriateness.

5. It is this concept of 'appropriateness' which is a form of prescriptivism;

6. Timing and appropriateness of transplantation remain difficult decisions.

7. The appropriateness of such uses has been disputed.

8. in fact, the appropriateness of the host response is decisive.

9. These items were rated for their quality, appropriateness, and bias.

10. The appropriateness of practices at the school have been disputed.

11. The appropriateness of PCI use depends on many factors.

12. He was respected for the appropriateness of his speech.

13. The last assumption puts emphasis on social appropriateness and norms.

14. The parents of the student had concerns about the book's appropriateness.

15. Bodie worries about the appropriateness of his new boss's actions.

16. Products and machines can be tested for ergonomic appropriateness.

17. It has humor and charm and appropriateness.

18. however the appropriateness of carotid IMT in this context is uncertain.

19. Critics disagreed over the appropriateness of this song choice.

20. The need and appropriateness of such length has been questioned.

21. and appropriateness of the speech.

22. Having a lip plate is a sign of female beauty and appropriateness;

23. CAMRA also note the appropriateness of the Van Beers surname for a pub.

24. The Mimāmsikas consider adhikāra to be a notion of appropriateness.

25. At the same time its lines retain their definition and appropriateness.

26. Sons: "beauty of design, appropriateness and excellence of execution".

27. The appropriateness of such usage of genetic data remains in active debate.

28. Also, don't discount the appropriateness of silence.

29. Programming appropriateness is different from abstract equivalence, though.

30. merits of the PTP is ultilimately reflected on its appropriateness.