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No. sentence
1 As you can see from the radar data, there appears to be light precipitation within a 30-mile radius of the radar antenna.
2 He also highlights that "if we can detect the patterns in which the problem, alcohol consumption, appears, we can issue prevention campaigns aimed at these people in greater risk situations".
3 Uwechue even appears on bus ads: “Good Song Comes From Good Wine, ” reads an advertisement for the Guan Gong Fang company, which signed him to represent its brand of wine.
4 The safety-first attitude of clubs in postponing matches, despite playable pitches, appears to be undermining the point of undersoil heating, but caution in the face of a cold snap is understandable.
5 Since its launch on 2 November 2005, Mechanical Turk has gradually built up a following - there is a forum for "Turkers" called Turker Nation, which appears to have light-to-medium level patronage.
6 search bar appears only when you hover over it.
7 Format your report so that the page number appears at the top of each page.
8 If your extension is valid, its icon appears next to the address bar, and information about the extension appears in the extensions page, as the following screenshot shows.
9 If the page is an embedded static page, the title appears in the navigation bar.
10 After adding all the hosts, the host list window appears with a check mark beside each host to confirm it has been validated, as shown in Figure 16.
11 For example, insects can see polarised light - light to them appears as different colours, depending on the Angle at which reflects off different surfaces.
12 Sweets have costs and benefits, and your daughter appears to be a better economist than you are.
13 It appears to be the digital equivalent of the rolling blackouts that happen when some minor glitch at a power plant short-circuits the power grid for half the country.
14 Japan thus far shows no remorse of its past misdeeds, refuses to repent, and appears to be untrustworthy.
15 Their play, and ours, appears no other purposes than to give pleasure to the players, and apparently, to remove us temporarily from the anguish of life in earnest.
16 The Calabrian Peninsula appears shortened and distorted due to the extreme sideways viewing Angle from the ISS.
17 The river appears as if enveloped in smog.
18 Realism, however, appears to be in short supply.
19 If you requested removal of an entire URL, then "Removed" should mean that that entire URL no longer appears in our search results.
20 until about two days after an ant's passing, Ed discovered, when the corpse appears to emit a chemical signal that changes the living ants' behavior dramatically.
21 When light from a star passes near a galaxy, for example, its path bends, changing where the star appears in the sky-the so-called gravitational lensing effect.
22 whited sepulcher" is a person who is evil inside but appears good on the outside, a hypocrite.
23 Overturn contracts, rip up the rule of law, if it appears that doing so will give them an electoral advantage.
24 Any group that harnessed this economic dissatisfaction could possibly pose a threat to his rule, and the President therefore appears to be trying to choke off the most likely source.
25 If you look inside a stomach when dissecting a cadaver, or during an operation, it appears like a bag whose surface is thrown into a series of visible folds.
26 But it certainly appears safe to keep drinking that delicious, aromatic, pick-me-up cup or two of coffee each day.
27 Hanging in his office in Berkeley is a 17th-century Dutch map on which California appears as an island off the west coast of America.
28 Yet the liberal Mr Singh, once the architect of Indian reforms, appears not so bold as he was.
29 pith of this stem like stele appears rather strongly like collenchyma tissue.
30 Water on the land surface appears in shades of dull green, and a temporary river runs north-south through the image.